Rating of the most popular names

How to name a child? The answer to this question is given on Earth every second, because every second on the planet four babies are born. Today we bring to your attention rating of the most popular names of , compiled following the results of the first half of 2012.We get a name for life. And, according to many scientists, it affects the character, fate and well-being of one's carrier. It is difficult to say what is better: to wear a popular simple name or a rare and exotic.

Russian Civil Registry Offices regularly publish statistics on the most popular names. Being guided by these data, future parents can decide what name to choose a baby - rare or popular.


  • The most popular male names:
    • 10. Kirill
    • 9. Egor
    • 8. Andrey
    • 7. Nikita
    • 6. Ivan
    • 5. Michael
    • 4. Maxim
    • 3. Artem
    • 2. Dmitry
    • 1. Alexander
  • The most popular female names are:
    • 10. Valeria
    • 9. Sofia
    • 8. Anna
    • 7. Ekaterina
    • 6. Polina
    • 5. Elizabeth
    • 4. Victoria
    • 3.Anastasia
    • 2. Maria
    • 1. Daria

The most popular male names:

10. Cyril

- occurs either from the Greek "master, lord", or from Persianof the "sun".Cyrils are optimistic, cheerful and energetic, they learn well, but they always expect praise in their address.

9. Egor

is a modified form of the name George. They are friendly and hardworking, hate lies and are somewhat quick-tempered.

8. Andrew

- comes from the Greek "brave hero."These people are easy to communicate, honest and noble. Possible excessive sensitivity and mood swings.

7. Nikita

- comes from the Greek "winner."They are independent, like little children and animals, have leadership qualities, sometimes they are excessively stubborn.

6. Ivan

is a Hebrew name meaning "God's grace."Character is contradictory, it combines strength and weakness, kindness and anger, tenderness and cruelty.

5. Michael

- in Hebrew means "like God".Michaels are sociable, intelligent and curious, but they are distinguished by their pride.

4. Maxim

- in Latin means "the greatest."These people are distinguished by original thinking, but not too developed will, they are benevolent and ready to help.

3. Artem

- Greek name, meaning "healthy, strong."They are independent, have a stable psyche, but are inclined to impose their opinions on others.

2. Dmitry

- comes from the Greek "dedicated to the goddess of fertility Demetre."These enthusiastic optimists are friendly, but at times are disposed to risky adventures.

1. Alexander

- comes from the Greek "defender".These people are stubborn and independent, but they are somewhat resentful and unbalanced. Excellent leaders and organizers.

The most popular female names:

10. Valeria

- in Latin means "enduring".Self-confidence and cheerfulness are combined in Valeria with impulsiveness, easily finds friends, is sociable.

9. Sophia

- comes from the Greek "wisdom".She is delicate and conscientious, shy, but capable of selfless actions.

8. Anna

- in Hebrew means "grace."Kindness and willingness to help is combined in these women with power and tenacity.

7. Ekaterina

- comes from the Greek "virgin, pure."They can be active or inert, intelligent, sometimes closed and shy.

6. Polina

is a derivative on behalf of Apollinaria( "owned by Apollo").These women are reserved, patient, sometimes cold and melancholy.

5. Elizabeth

is a Hebrew name meaning "oath to God."Elizabeth is cheerful, contact, sociable, at times selfish and recklessly bold.

4. Victoria

- comes from the Latin "victory".They are firm and purposeful, just, but they are stubborn. They like to be ringleaders and organizers.

3. Anastasia

- comes from the Greek "reborn".They are intelligent, have developed intuition, but at times are melancholy and indecisive.

2. Maria

- in translation from Hebrew has several meanings: "mistress", "beloved" and "bitter".Marys are kind, reliable, but vulnerable and sensitive to criticism.

1. Daria

- Persian is the popular name of , meaning "owning".Daria are perky, smart and have a fiery temperament. Sometimes very straightforward and impulsive.