Rating of the most expensive Hollywood stars

Participation in the movie of the stars of the first magnitude without doubt increases the chances of the success of the picture. And the stars themselves are well aware of this, and therefore their work is worth it, how expensive!

The "Forbes" publication published rating of the most expensive Hollywood stars , which included 10 famous women whose fees exceed tens of millions of dollars. When calculating income in the calculation were both income from the main activity, and the spin-off from filming in advertising or creating their own clothing and perfume lines.


  • 10. Judith Sheindlin, Judith Sheindlin( annual income - $ 45 million)
  • 9. Katy Perry, Katy Perry( $ 45 million)
  • 8. Gisele Bundchen, Gisele B? Ndchen( $ 45 million)
  • 7.Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lopez, $ 25 million
  • 6. Lady Gaga, $ 52 million
  • 5. Rihanna, Rihanna( $ 53 million)
  • 4. Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen DeGeneres( $ 53 million)
  • 3.Taylor Swift( $ 57 million)
  • 2. Britney Spears, $ 58 million
  • 1. Oprah Winfrey, $ 165 million

10. Judith Sheindlin, Judith Sheindlin( annual income is $ 45 million).)

- the famous American television presenter, lawyer, judge, writer and"Judge Judy" novatel project. In the image and likeness of such shows, Russian daily television programs "Hour of the Court" with Pavel Astakhov, "Jury trial", etc. are being built.

9. Katy Perry, Katy Perry( $ 45 million)

is an American singer, songwriter and actress, who also achieved recognition as a perfumer. After the legendary Michael Jackson, Cathy is the only singer whose 5 singles from one single album ranked first in the US charts.

8. Gisele Bundchen, Gisele B? Ndchen( $ 45 million)

is the Brazilian top model, ranking first in the world's highest-paid model. Giselle devotes a lot of time to charitable projects, on which he lists significant funds.

7. Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Lopez( $ 25 million)

- singer, actress and business lady. A significant portion of Jennifer's income comes from the JLo by Jennifer Lopez clothing line, her own restaurant, and the fragrance Glow by J.Lo. Lopez is in the Top 100 most sexy girls of 2012 by the magazine Maxim.

6. Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga( $ 52 million)

is an American singer and songwriter whose albums have sold more than 100 million copies. By the way, this year Lady Gaga launched her own social network called LittleMonsters.

5. Rihanna, Rihanna( $ 53 million)

- a singer from Barbados hit the prestigious Billboard 200 chart with her debut album in 2005 and has not left the top of the charts ever since. On the account of Rihanna 5 Grammy Awards and the same number of not less prestigious American Music Awards. A worthy contribution to the girl's income made a fee for participating in Peter Berg's "The Battle of the Sea."And according to rumors, the singer may appear in 2013 in the sixth part of "Fast and the Furious".

4. Ellen DeGeneres, Ellen DeGeneres( $ 53 million)

is an American TV presenter who has won 11 Emmy awards for her own "Ellen Degeneres Show".Ellen voiced the fish Dori in the cartoon "In Search of Nemo", and also participated in the creation of the series "The Simpsons."She is the author of two books, as well as the face of the cosmetic brand «Cover Girl».

3. Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift( $ 57 million)

is an American country singer who entered the top list of the Queen of Pop in Rolling Stone. Sales of Taylor's albums beat the bar in 20 million copies. In the artist's coin box, such prestigious prizes as "Grammy" and "American Music Awards".

2. Britney Spears, $ 58 million

hit the world with its triumphant return to the musical Olympus. The last album of the singer "Femme Fatale" has already received the status of platinum. Not a bad income Britney bring the sales of fragrances "Radiance" and "Cosmic Radiance".

1. Oprah Winfrey, Oprah Winfrey( $ 165 million)

does not leave the ratings of the world's wealthiest women. Its separation from competitors is so great that one can not doubt - a super-popular TV presenter will retain his first place for many years to come. In addition to the income from the iconic "Oprah Winfrey Show", the richest and most influential woman in show business earns well on producing.