The most charming and attractive men of Russia 2012 portal commissioned by RIA Novosti agency conducted an interesting survey to find out: who are they - the most charming and attractive men of Russia 2012 ?

Unlike Western ladies, who pay more attention to the appearance, Russians appreciate the successful and power of the prevailing men. Therefore, American and European ratings of attractiveness are usually headed by actors and pop singers. But the sexiest men in Russia are not only stars, but also politicians with businessmen.


  • 15. Philip Kirkorov
  • 14. Stas Mikhailov
  • 13. Sergey Lazarev
  • 12. Ivan Okhlobystin
  • 11. Nikolay Valuev
  • 10. Fedor Bondarchuk
  • 9. Andrey Malakhov
  • 8. Sergey Bezrukov
  • 7. Vladimir Mashkov
  • 6Maxim Averin
  • 5. Danil Kozlovsky
  • 4. Mikhail Prokhorov
  • 3. Ivan Urgant
  • 2. No one
  • 1. Vladimir Putin

15. Philip Kirkorov

this year became a hero of the press and deserved the attention of thousands of female eyes thanks to his double paternity. According to Forbes, Philippe was mentioned in the media 1597 times in the past year.

14. Stas Mikhailov

not only entered the Top 15 most charming and attractive men, but also topped the rating of 50 Russian celebrities in 2012 according to Forbes edition.

13. Sergey Lazarev

- singer and actor, popular, mostly among the youngest part of the respondents. In 2009, according to the version of the publication "Yes! Stars ┬╗Lazarev closed the top three in the nomination The Best Man of the World.

12. Ivan Okhlobystin

- actor, director, writer, journalist and priest today is best known as the creative director of Euroset, as well as the role of Dr. Bykov in the series "Interns".The father of six children regularly flashes in the ratings of charming and attractive.

11. Nikolai Valuev

- the most charming boxer, according to the version of SuperJob. Today, the world champion in the heavyweight champion has chosen for himself the field of the deputy of the State Duma, which, obviously, has even more subdued the hearts of Russians.

10. Fedor Bondarchuk

- actor, director and producer, confirming the popularity of the bald men with their own popularity.

9. Andrey Malakhov

- one of the most attractive TV presenters, who with his shocking projects only increases interest in his own person. In 2011, Andrew broke hearts of thousands of fans, having married with Natalia Shkulova.

8. Sergey Bezrukov

- master of screen reincarnations, which amazed the audience with his role in the film "Vysotsky. Thank you for being alive".On the account of Bezrukov, the roles of Pushkin, Yesenin and Vasily Stalin.

7. Vladimir Mashkov

- actor of theater and cinema, who received the title of People's Artist of Russia in 2010.In 2012, the film "Rasputin" is planned to be released, in which Mashkov will perform the role of Emperor Nicholas II.

6. Maxim Averin

became popular after the release of the series "Capercaillie".Today, the actor plays in the theater "Satyricon" and is removed immediately in several serials.

5. Danila Kozlovskiy

- the main role in the film in 2012, based on the novel by Sergey Minaev "Spirit Less".27-year-old actor immediately flashed in the ratings of the most sexy and attractive men in Russia.

4. Mikhail Prokhorov

- the most charming and attractive oligarch of Russia. Prokhorov occupies the 58th building in the ranking of the richest people on the planet, he is not married, and several spicy stories are associated with his name, including the scandalous operation of the French police in Courchevel.

3. Ivan Urgant

is one of the most popular TV presenters in the country. Charming Ivan is included in the list of Top 50 stars in Russia in 2012 about the version of Forbes.

2. No one

- exactly 11% of the respondents answered this. Or even the most beautiful men in Russia have not made any impression on these skeptical respondents, or they simply can not decide by giving their votes to someone alone.

1. Vladimir Putin

- the most charming and attractive man in Russia 2012 .For the president voted 12% of respondents who participated in the survey SuperJob. It is noteworthy that when looking in the "Images" section of the Google search engine in response to the query "The Sexiest Man in the World", Vladimir Putin's portrait invariably turns out to be in the top twenty.