Top 30 people with a high level of IQ

IQ can be translated from English as an intelligence factor. This is an assessment of a person's ability to think and reason, not taking into account the level of his erudition. The figure of the coefficient is the quantitative level of the human intellect relative to the average statistical one, equal to 100. It is calculated by special tests.

In our ranking are collected people who have the highest intellectual coefficient. This included not only our contemporaries, but also famous people of the past. Their IQ was calculated on the basis of achievements and decisions that they took in different situations.

Tops the list of Kim Ung-Jong( 1963) is a genius from South Korea, recognized by the Guinness Book of Records as the most intelligent person in the world. His IQ is 210, which is not surprising, because even as a 4-year-old child he knew 4 languages ​​and could easily solve the problem of mathematical analysis. On the 190-199 scale, we will meet the author of , Christopher Langan ( 1957), Philip Emegvali, the Nigerian inventor of ( 1954) , the Russian chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov( 1963) .At the same level, the intellect of the physicist Isaac Newton( 1643-1727) , thinker and writer Voltaire( François Marie Arue, 1694-1778) and founder of analytical philosophy Ludwig Wittgenstein( 1889-1951) was assessed at the same level.

A section of the scale 180-189 is headed by Marilyn Vos Savant( 1946) is a writer, playwright and journalist from the USA.Her level was 186. From 180 lived Hollywood actor James Woods( 1947) , American senator from Republicans John Sununu( 1939) and Israeli politician Binyamin Netanyahu( 1949) .The same IQ in two outstanding figures of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci( 1475-1564) and Michelangelo Buonarroti( 1475-1564) , as well as the Scottish philosopher David Hume( 1711-1776) .

We reached the section 170-179.A lot of interesting personalities gathered here. So, IQ 179 demonstrates Johann Goethe( 1749-1832) - German writer, poet, playwright, thinker, naturalist. The value 176 belongs to the Swedish scientist of encyclopedic type Emmanuel Swedenborg( 1688-1772) and Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz( 1646-1716) - one of the most important German philosophers, logicians, mathematicians.

With the level of 175 we are expected by the glorious trio of figures of the 16th and 17th centuries: the English poet Edmund Spencer( 1552-1599) - the creator of the Spencer stanza, Johann Kepler( 1571-1630) - the man who discovered the most important astronomical laws, and the Dutch philosopherBenedict Spinoza ( 1632-1677) .Slightly less than 174 points, the intellect of John Stuart Mill( 1806-1873) , a British politician, economist and philosopher, was evaluated. At around 171 the French philosopher, mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal( 1623-1662) , whose name was given to the physical pressure unit.

Finally, the level of 170 took 8 more famous people. Among them are outstanding scientists: Antoine Lavoisier( 1743-1794) - founder of modern chemistry, Andrew Wiles( 1953) - mathematician who proved Fermat's theorem, and Michael Faraday( 1791-1861) -scientist and chemist who substantiated the main electromagnetic phenomena. Also, we will not forget the three chess grandmasters: Robert Fischer's ( 1943-2008) , Robert Byrne( 1928) and Judit Polgar( 1976) .This includes the founder of Protestantism Martin Luther( 1483-1546) and composer Georg Friedrich Handel( 1685-1759) .

People with high IQ not only achieved success in their field of activity, but were able to make really meaningful discoveries and set a new direction for development.