Top 5 Best Ways to Store Money

In conditions of economic instability, there are few people who are not interested in preserving their own savings. How to save money and, if possible, increase the money - a question that professional investors and ordinary citizens are looking for. We bring to your attention the rating of the best ways of storing money.


  • 5. In the fifth place of investment in precious metals.
  • 4. Investments in securities occupy the fourth line of the rating.
  • 3. In third place is the old kind "kubyshka".
  • 2. In second place - investing in real estate.
  • 1. Bank deposits became the leader of our rating.

5. In the fifth place of investment in precious metals.

In conditions when traditional money does not inspire confidence, about 10 percent of Russians consider the acquisition of precious metals as the most reliable way to preserve their savings. Indeed, many experts believe that the value of gold will grow in conditions of instability in the markets, so its acquisition is a worthy choice in the long term. However, prices for precious metals are quite volatile, they are influenced by many factors. The most stable in the price relation precious metal is gold. However, it is also impossible to guarantee a continuous increase in its value.

Those who choose this way to save savings should choose between buying metal in physical form( ingots, coins, jewelry) and depersonalized metal accounts. The advantages of physical form include the fact that ingots and jewelry can not depreciate completely, but they are not too liquid and the investor will need to ensure their safe preservation. Metal accounts are easy to open and close, but they are not covered by the state deposit guarantee, therefore, for investment, it is worth choosing the most reliable banks.

4. Investments in securities occupy the fourth line of the rating.

This kind of investment can really block the rate of inflation. However, securities are an instrument that requires at least minimal financial literacy. In case there are doubts about their ability to navigate the market, it is better to trust the professionals or to choose the more reliable "blue chips".But it should be remembered that investing in securities is one of the risky methods of investing funds.

3. In third place is the old kind "kubyshka".

And today, many prefer to keep money in cash at home. Among the advantages of this method can be noted unless the availability of funds - they are always at hand. But there are a lot of disadvantages, and the very first one is inflation, which stubbornly depreciates money if they "do not work."In addition, there is a risk not to withstand and spend accumulated under the influence of momentum. Do not forget about the need to constantly provide the kubyshke reliable protection - unfortunately, apartment theft phenomenon is not so rare.

One of the varieties of this method is the acquisition of foreign currency in cash. This way of investing can bring income when playing successfully on the difference in exchange rates, but it can lead to a loss of state. In addition, cash foreign currency will also require a reliable storage space.

2. In second place - investing in real estate.

About 20 percent of respondents to the question "Where to invest free funds?" Called the purchase of real estate the most reliable way to preserve and increase savings. And, according to experts, buying an apartment is a more profitable investment than buying a house. The apartment is more liquid in comparison with the house, that is it will be easier to sell if necessary. And in the event that you plan to receive a stable income from the rental of real estate, then finding a tenant is again easier for an apartment than for a large house.

Some investors prefer to invest free funds in commercial real estate. This way of investing money can turn out to be quite profitable if the choice of the object of purchase is thought out, taking into account the demand for premises of a certain area in a particular area.

1. Bank deposits became the leader of our rating.

More than a third of Russians confidently choose this way of saving savings. Undoubtedly, a bank deposit can significantly reduce the depreciation of savings in comparison with their storage in cash. In addition, the trust of depositors has increased significantly since the introduction of the insurance system, which guarantees a return of cash to 700 thousand rubles.

However, overtake inflation, putting money in a deposit, is unlikely to succeed. The rate on the deposit will always be below the depreciation rate. When choosing the highest rate, the term of the deposit is, as a rule, significant - from one year or more.

The bank deposit is a popular way of saving money for reasons of clarity, accessibility, low risk. According to experts, it is optimal to use in combination with other methods.

This is the top five most popular ways of investing money among the population. Choosing what is right for you, remember - most experts recommend to focus on a combination of several tools for saving and multiplying funds.