Top-5 of the best copywriting exchanges

In recent years, significantly increased the need for webmasters in quality content. After all, progress does not stand still and the demand for quality of texts invariably grows. Fortunately, today there are quite a lot of special resources. This is a content exchange - an invariable meeting place for webmasters and copywriters. So, let's take a look at the 5 major, most well-known online exchanges.


  • 1. Advego.
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1. Advego.

This is one of the most famous and oldest stock exchanges, which was founded in 2008.About it there are quite contradictory opinions - some praise, and others scold.

Nevertheless, the exchange has been very popular for several years. More than 500,000 copywriters work here. An impressive figure, is not it? But even among webmasters, the exchange is no less well known. After all, here is almost the lowest prices for content. The average cost of 1000 characters is $ 1.

But on the other hand, due to open registration and the absence of any quality control of texts, on the exchange one can find unqualified performers. To find a worthy author on Advego, you will have to expend a lot of energy.

As for the commission, it is charged both from the executor and from the customer - 10% each.


Another popular copywriting exchange. In August of last year, celebrated its third anniversary.

Registration of performers here is open. However, quality control is still present, although so far on a voluntary basis. That is, a performer who wants to increase his earnings can perform a test task, but this is not necessary. An author who has received one or more stars for a test is considered more professional and he is more likely to trust orders more expensively.

The average price for 1000 characters is 30 rubles. Although here you can meet and much cheaper orders. Exchange Commission is 10% and is divided in half between the author and the customer, that is, 5% each.


Pretty young stock exchange. It opened only in April 2011. However, thanks to the careful selection of performers, quickly earned an excellent reputation.

To gain access to orders, each author must pass a fifteen-minute literacy test and do a trial rewriting of a small article. As a result, the opportunity to work on the Exchange is received only by selected performers.

Even after registration, the administration continues to monitor the level of literacy of its authors, selectively checking their work. Thus, unscrupulous performers are eliminated.

The average cost of 1000 characters on this exchange is $ 1.1.The commission, at a rate of 10% is collected only from the author.


Opened in 2008.It only deals with the sale of high-level content.

Therefore, copywriters can only get here by invitation. In order to receive it, you need to send your CV and portfolio to the administration. And after doing the test work.

Due to the high quality of the content, the average price per 1000 characters is approximately $ 3.Exchange Commission - 20%.


Operates since 2009.Registration on this exchange is open to all comers.

In the process of work, copywriters are automatically assigned one of four levels. The level can both rise and fall, it is closely related to the number of works performed, their average rating, and the number of customers who added the author to the favorites.

Prices for 1000 characters are fixed here.1 level - 0,6 $;Level 2 - $ 1.2;Level 3 - $ 2.5;Level 4 - 5 $.Exchange Commission - 20% pay only copywriters.