The richest stars under the age of 30 Forbes

Not only are they young, pretty and famous - they are also rich! In the rating of the magazine Forbes included celebrities who have not reached the age of 30, and at the same time earned more than $ 28.5 million for the year.


10. Jordan Spayet

  • 10. Cam Newton
  • 9. Weekend
  • 8. Kevin Durant
  • 7. Novak Djokovic
  • 6. Justin Bieber
  • 5. Rianna
  • 4. Adele
  • 3. Lionel Messi
  • 2. One Direction
  • 1. Taylor Swift
  • 10. Jordan Spayet

    Earned: 53 million dollars.

    Jordan, a rising sports star on the golf course, became the youngest champion in the US since 1923 - he is only 23 years old! His millions earned Jordan by signing contracts with major brands - Under Armor( production of sportswear), Titleist( golf products) and Coca-Cola( does not need presentations).

    10. Cam Newton

    Income: 53 million dollars.

    Tenth place with Jordan divides Cam - a professional player in American football, who turned 27 years old. Recently, Cam managed to get a new contract with the club Carolina Panthers, which will allow him to earn 103.8 million in five years. Not bad, not bad. However, Cam, as a good athlete, does not throw all the balls into one goal - he also has a high-paying job with the same Under Armor, and also a show on the Nickelodeon channel.

    9. Weekly

    Condition: $ 55 million.

    The 26-year-old Wicked began to appear on the music scene recently, but is quickly gaining popularity. In August 2015, he was at the head of the world charts with the album Beauty Behind the Madness. He also sold the world tour with himself.

    8. Kevin Durant

    Earned: 56 million dollars.

    Kevin regularly becomes the most productive player of the regular season, but not only the performance brought him millions - it's made a contract with the firm Nike. The contract was signed in 2014 and promises to the 28-year-old Kevin an amount of 300 million dollars for ten years. This is the richest participant in the Olympics in Rio.

    7. Novak Djokovic

    Income: 56 million dollars.

    Fees 29-year-old tennis stars clearly show who is in charge here on the field. Over the past 5.5 years, Djokovic earned $ 82 million and won the "Grand Slam" 11 times. In 2015, Novak became the first tennis player to receive 20 million prize money for the season. And in the treasury of the Serbian athlete, money from contracts with Uniqlo, Adidas, Head and others is falling.

    6. Justin Bieber

    Condition: $ 56 million.

    The hero of the dreams of teenage girls, Justin is only 22 years old - and he became the youngest celebrity of the rich stars in the rating who have not reached the age of thirty. Earns for black caviar, performing with concerts around the world, selling souvenirs with himself and signing contracts with brands like Calvin Klein.

    5. Rihanna

    Earned: $ 75 million.

    Rihanna has an active 21 single, which entered the top five charts around the world( by the way, like Elvis Presley).But not only Rihanna's royalties are added to music, but also the 28-year-old singer has contracts with Dior, Puma and Samsung.

    4. Adele

    Income: 80.5 million dollars.

    It looks like Adele is the only musician in the rating who really earns millions in voice. More than half of the money received by her for a year is income from songs. And for the concert the 28-year-old singer collects literally one million dollars.

    3. Lionel Messi

    Wealth: 81.5 million dollars.

    Although the 29-year-old Argentinian is third on the list, but among athletes in the world in terms of income, he is second only to Ronaldo. And all thanks to contracts with brands like Adidas Gatorage. However, for Lionel, clouds are beginning to gather on the horizon: he was found guilty of tax fraud in a Spanish court and sentenced to prison. Of course, Messi in prison did not want to sit, filed an appeal and the case is still pending.

    2. One Direction

    Earned: 110 million dollars.

    The second place in the list of young, rich and famous are shared among themselves by four guys - members of the One Direction group. Even the departure of one of the participants, Zeyne Malik, did not prevent them from collecting more than $ 200 million during the tour called Road Again.

    1. Taylor Swift

    Income: 170 million dollars.

    And in the first place of the top 10 richest celebrities up to 30 years old with a big margin was 26-year-old singer Taylor Swift. This is the highest paid singer of 2016, not only among those under the age of 30, but also in the world. During the tour "1989" she earned a total of $ 250 million. And she has contracts with Diet Coke, Keds and Apple.