The most popular bachelors of Russia: the top 10 enviable suitors

Young, beautiful and famous - an ideal object of romantic interest. We present you the rating of the most popular and charismatic domestic bachelors .The hunting season is declared open!


  • 10. Oxxxymiron
  • 9. Emin
  • 8. Pavel Durov
  • 7. Egor Creed
  • 6. Kirill Nagiyev
  • 5. Daniil Kvity
  • 4. Alexey Vorobyev
  • 3. Ivan Makarevich
  • 2. Alexander Golovin
  • 1. MBand

10. Oxxxymiron

The rapper, educated in Oxford, specializing in "medieval English literature".He lived in Europe, but returned to Russia in order, in his words, to do what Hitler and Napoleon failed to do. Very popular among intellectual rappers for a good syllable and cultural background. He is 31 years old and is still single.

9. Emin

Although Emin has already been married for 36 years( Agalarov's empire decided to merge assets with the Azerbaijani President's family), but fame and a successful career make it necessary to turn a blind eye to these shortcomings. The rich heir stands firmly on his feet - tour, own business and a successfully held festival in Baku. As instructions for ohmureniyu his own songs will come in handy - in them Emin sings a lot about relationships with women and her ideal.

8. Pavel Durov

The top 10 most eligible Russian suitors could not do without the man who created the mega popular social network "VKontakte" - a brunette with a memorable appearance of 31 years old. And although he left Russia two years ago and does not intend to return - maybe in the vastness of the Network there is one who will make him change his mind. Tastes of Paul are quite diverse - he is a vegetarian, a libertarian, a fan of the Zen school and a follower of Ernesto Che Guevara.

7. Egor Creed

Despite his young age( 22 years), Yegor is already a well-known and popular hip-hop artist, likes to dress fashionably and deep down he longs for great love, family and children. He himself said that he plans to become a young father, because he wants his child to be a friend, not a mentor.

6. Kirill Nagiyev

A few years ago, Cyril was a full-blown guy of uncertain appearance without certain occupations. But miraculously transformed - dropped about 20 kilograms, began to play sports, grew a Lamberdzhek beard, became a DJ and even got TEFI.He loves nature, lives near the sea, does business. .. and is rumored to have lived with a former dancer for five years already. However, he still did not receive a stamp in his passport.

5. Daniil Kvyat

Young( 22 years old) and a charming native from Ufa became the defender of Russia's honor at the championship "Formula One".Now the athlete pursues a series of failures - the car stalls, then collides with the car of another athlete, and as a result, does not even reach the finish line. And he still does not have a girl, after all, according to Kvitt, he thinks only about competitions. However, this did not prevent him from making a list of ideal female qualities - according to Daniil, a girl should be cheerful, sociable and open.

4. Alexei Vorobyov

In 2016, the actor participated in the show "Bachelor", and so far no woman has won his heart. It differs with a fiery love for Russia, which several times demonstrated in 2011, at the Eurovision Song Contest.

3. Ivan Makarevich

Although Andrei Makarevich's son is 29 years old, he has not yet decided on the style - he will shave his nalyso, he will turn into a platinum blonde, then he will tie his hair in a medieval samurai bunch. However, this does not stop us from admiring his acting( "Fight with the Shadow", "1814", "Ivan the Terrible") and beautiful dark eyes. According to rumors, the actor does not tolerate hangouts and people prefer animals to the society of people - your chance, zoo-defenders and participants of "Greenpeace".

2. Alexander Golovin

We stared at Alexander a long time ago in the magazine "Eralash", then in the television series "Kadetstvo", and then on the big screen - in the movie "Bastards" and "Fur-trees".In addition, the actor is actively withdrawn in advertising and chasing scooters. Now he is 27, he is young, handsome and famous.

1. MBand

And the last in the list of the most enviable Russian bachelors are just three men - Anatoly Tsoy, Artem Pindyura and Nikita Kiose. Two of them in their prime( 26-27 years), and the third only 18. The preferences of all three are active sports on the verge of extreme and good music( it's not known whether they listen to their own songs).However, when storming a tower in which enviable bachelors settled, you will first have to defeat Cerberus - the producer Meladze.