Rating of the highest-grossing Hollywood actors of all time

Resource Box Office Mojo, tracking the box office fees from showing films in theaters, made a rating of the highest grossing movie stars in the history of cinema. It included 50 Hollywood actors and actresses. And that's who was in the top 10.


  • Scarlett Johansson
  • Michael Caine
  • Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise
  • Eddie Murphy
  • Robert Downey Jr.
  • Tom Hanks
  • Morgan Freeman
  • Samuel L. Jackson
  • Harrison Ford

Scarlett Johansson

Most brought the tape: "The Avengers"( 623.4 million dollars)

Black widow managed to become the highest grossing female movie star of all time. This may come as a surprise to some, since many of the films featuring Johansson were not box-office hits. Nevertheless, the films with her participation collected in film distribution $ 3.3 billion. And ahead of the still animated film Sing( from the creators of the "Ugly I"), which will be released in December, and the thriller "Ghost in the Shell", it is expected in 2017.

Michael Kane

The highest grossing film: "The Dark Knight"( 534.9 million dollars)

Veteran of American cinema. One of his most memorable roles is Alfred the butler in films about Batman. All the films in which Kane was shot since the 1950s, collected in the cinemas 3,3 billion dollars.

Johnny Depp

The highest grossing tape: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest( $ 423.3 million)

One of Hollywood's brightest and most exotic actors will forever be remembered by many spectators as Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp has never been afraid to take on the role of unusual and even strange characters, and box office fees of $ 3.3 billion confirm that in his case, the risk - a noble cause.

Tom Cruise

The highest grossing film: War of the Worlds( 234.3 million dollars)

Since the 1980s, the actor has been constantly shooting in high-quality blockbusters such as Best Shooter, Special Opinion, Face of the Future,of course, "Mission Impossible."Film distributors like Cruz as much as spectators, because his films have brought $ 3.5 billion.

Eddie Murphy

The highest grossing film: "Shrek 2"( 441.2 million dollars).

Unlike other actors from this rating, Murphy made the most of the revenue( $ 3.8 billion) thanks to comedic roles and the voice acting of comedic characters. In the original voice acting of "Shrek" Eddie Murphy's voice says a charming and cheerful Donkey.

Robert Downey Jr

The highest grossing film: "Avengers"( 623.4 million dollars)

Iron man, Sherlock Holmes, a billionaire, playboy and the highest paid actor in the world. Total box office fees of his films with participation amounted to 3.9 billion dollars.

Tom Hanks

The highest grossing film: Toy Story 3( $ 415 million).

Hanks began his career with comedic roles, but quickly revealed his dramatic potential in "Philadelphia" and "Forrest Gump."Hanks' ability to convey pathos and tragedy, while remaining infinitely charming and touching, allowed him to remain one of the favorites of the American public over the past three decades. The total box office fees of paintings with his participation - 4.3 billion dollars.

Morgan Freeman

The most cash movie: "The Dark Knight"( 534.9 million dollars)

Like Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman has an incredibly long "track record" that includes such pearls of cinematography as "Shawshank's Escape" and "Seven."And, like Michael Caine, the most successful box office "performance" of Freeman is due to his participation in the blockbuster of Christopher Nolan about Batman. Total cash gathering - 4, 4 billion dollars.

Samuel L. Jackson

The highest grossing film: "The Avengers"( 623.4 million dollars)

Was shot in "Pulp Fiction", as well as in numerous successful franchises, such as Marvel Cinematic Universe and Star Wars. Jackson's incredibly long filmography and a gross box office of $ 4.6 billion would have allowed him to lead the list of the highest-grossing movie stars. If not. ..

Harrison Ford

The highest grossing film: "Star wars: Awakening of Power"( 936.7 million dollars)

The huge success of the film Star Wars: The Force Awakens at the box office provided Harrison Ford with the official title of Hollywood's most cash actor. Renting all the films with his participation brought 4.8 billion dollars.

For Harrison Ford to take first place in the top 10 most cash actors - a real feat, given that its main competitor Samuel L Jackson was in most films produced since the early 1990s.