Rating of the richest people in Russia 2011

The magazine Forbs annually compiles lists of the world's richest people. We are certainly interested in rating of the richest people of Russia , because they represent our country in the international arena of business and politics.

10. Vagit Alekperov

To date, his fortune is 10.9 billion dollars( 332.2 billion rubles.), Vagit Yusufovich is the president and co-owner of the largest Russian oil company LUKoil. He is married and has an adult son who studies at the University of Oil and Gas. Vagit Yusufovich has passed his entire career from the lowest steps, starting with an energy engineer, but in 1987 he became the general director of the production association Kogalymneftegaz, and since 1990 he was deputy minister of the oil and gas industry., since 1991 the president of the oil company "Langepasuraykogalymneft", and since 1993 occupies the current position.

9. Vladimir Potanin

With a fortune of $ 14.3 billion( 435.8 billion rubles), he is a well-known Russian entrepreneur and politician. In the 80's he worked in the Ministry of Foreign Trade. To date, he owns the management company Interros, and also owns stakes in various companies. He has many awards( Order Medal "For Service to the Fatherland", I degree, Honorary Certificate of the President of the Russian Federation, Honorary Badge "For charity and mercy and many others, 13 awards in all).He is married. There are three children.

8. Mikhail Fridman

Has a fortune of 16 billion dollars( 487.6 billion rubles.), One of the largest Russian entrepreneurs: one of the co-owners of a large oil company TNK-BP.He is a member of the bureau and board of the Union of Russian Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, vice-president of the Russian Jewish Congress. He is divorced and has two children.

7. Sulejman Kerimov

The owner of a condition of 16,9 млрд.долл.(515.1 billion rubles).He is a member of the Federation Council from Dagestan, the owner of the football club Anji and the financial and industrial group Nafta Moskva. He is married and has three children. Has one of the most prestigious awards of the International federation of united styles of struggle - "Golden Order".

6. Alexey Mordashov

Has a state of 17,05 billion dollars( 519,6 billion rubles.) And is the general director and the main owner of JSC "Severstal".He has four awards: the Order Medal "For Services to the Fatherland", the 1st degree, the Order Medal "For Services to the Fatherland", the II degree, the Russian Orthodox Church of the Most Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, the III degree. The Order, Commander of the Order "For Services to the Italian Republic"( 2009).Married for the third time, five children from all marriages.

5. Roman Abramovich

He has a fortune of $ 17.1 billion( 521.2 billion rubles) and is perhaps the most famous Russian billionaire due to his political activities( former Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous District).For today - the chairman of a thought of the Chukotka autonomous region and the businessman. He was married 2 times, from the second marriage five children. To date, divorced, but is in a permanent relationship with Daria Zhukova, from which there is a child.

4. Oleg Deripaska

The owner of the state of 19 billion dollars( 579.1 billion rubles.) And the company "Basic Element."He is married to a non-native granddaughter BN.Yeltsin, from whom he has two children. He is vice-president of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, chairman of the board of the Russian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a member of the Board of Trustees of the State Academic Bolshoi Theater, the Higher School of Public Administration, the Moscow School of Economics and the Graduate School of Business in Moscow State University,-Petersburg State University.

3. Alisher Usmanov

Has a state of 19.9 billion dollars( 606.5 billion rubles.).is a co-owner of the largest Russian metallurgical companies: Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky ore-dressing plants, "Ural Steel", Oskol Electrometallurgical Combine. Married, brings up his wife's son from his first marriage. Actively engaged in charity through an organization with Gazprom-Invest, which is headed.

2. Mikhail Prokhorov

Is the owner of the state in 22.7 billion dollars( 691.8 billion rubles.).conducts an active entrepreneurial activity: the president of a private investment fund ONEXIM Group, the general director of OJSC Polyus Gold, the president of the Biathlon Union of Russia, the owner of large blocks of shares of well-known raw materials companies. He has 3 awards: the Order of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow 2 nd degree, the Knight of the Order of the Legion of Honor, the Order of Friendship for his contribution to the development of Russia's economic potential. Marital status: single.

  1. Vladimir Lisin

The tops the rating of the richest people in Russia , due to its fortune of $ 28.3 billion( 862.5 billion rubles), which is $ 6.4 billion more than the nearest rival. The basis of his fortune is a controlling stake in the Novolipetsk Metallurgical Combine. He is Doctor of Technical and Economic Sciences, Laureate of the USSR Council of Ministers' Prize in Science and Technology 1990, President of the Russian Shooting Union, Master of Sports, Chevalier of the Order of Honor. He is married and has three children.

Author: Alena Kashtanova