Top 10 wealthiest owners of sports clubs

Among the richest people on the planet it has become common to buy soccer and hockey clubs. Some wealthy sports fans invest in basketball, American football, baseball and even cricket.

What kind of condition is required to afford to own a sports club? The answer to this question was tried by experts from the ubiquitous edition of Forbes. We took the results of the investigation as the basis for the current Top-10 richest owners of sports clubs .


  • 10. Miki Arison( USA, condition: $ 5.7 billion)
  • 9. Charles Johnson( USA, condition: $ 5.7 billion)
  • 8. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus( Switzerland, state: $ 6 billion))
  • 7. Silvio Berlusconi( Italy, fortune: $ 6.2 billion)
  • 6. Phil Anshutz( US, state: $ 10 billion)
  • 5. Roman Abramovich( Russia, state: $ 10.2 billion)
  • 4.Mikhail Prokhorov( Russia, state: $ 13 billion)
  • 3. Paul Allen( USA, state: $ 15 billion)
  • 2. Rinat Akhmetov( Ukraine, state: $ 15.4 billion)
  • 1. Mukesh Ambani: $ 21.5 billion)

10. Miki Arison( United States,s:. $ 5.7 billion)

Arison owns the NBA's Miami Heat basketball team. In 2012, the club won the title of NBA champions. The capitalization of the club is estimated at about $ 625 million, for a year the increase was almost 40%.Such success in the sport helps Arsen to cope with the failures in the main business. The world's largest cruise company Carnival Cruises is the backbone of the wealth of the American billionaire, but after the Costa Concordia disaster, the company's shares fell significantly.

9. Charles Johnson( USA, state: $ 5.7 billion)

Johnson is an ardent baseball fan, he is the owner of the San Francisco Giants club. The team is the record holder for the number of matches won, as well as the number of players represented in the Hall of Fame. The most unpredictable in the US billionaire always appears in public in the moments of triumph of his beloved team.

8. Marguerite Louis-Dreyfus( Switzerland, fortune: $ 6 billion)

The widow of the French magnate Robert Louis-Dreyfus inherited from the wife of the football club Olympique Marseille. While the team did not win high-profile titles under Margarita, but Madame invests heavily in the development of the club.

7. Silvio Berlusconi( Italy, fortune: $ 6.2 billion)

The romance between Berlusconi and the Milan AC Milan football club has been going on for many years. Investments of the most eccentric European policy helped the team to win all conceivable trophies and even survive the corruption scandal without any losses. Truth, today things are not so brilliant with Berlusconi's finances, and in Italy rumors persist that the club is being sold.

6. Phil Anshutz( USA, state: $ 10 billion)

73-year-old owner of Anschutz Entertainment Group did not choose one thing and bought two teams at once: football Los Angeles Galaxy and hockey Los Angeles Kings. Investments clearly go to the clubs for the benefit - Kings last year again won the Stanley Cup. Phil Anshuets plans to build a football stadium worth 1 billion dollars.

5. Roman Abramovich( Russia, state: $ 10.2 billion)

Chelsea football club owner won all possible awards in the English and European arena with his team. For 8 years, the Russian oligarch spent about $ 1.3 billion on the team, and Abramovich plans to build a new magnificent stadium.

4. Mikhail Prokhorov( Russia, state: $ 13 billion)

Prokhorov became a recognizable figure in the States after buying the basketball club Brooklyn Nets. Thanks to investments, the athletes moved to the ultramodern arena in New York - Barclays Center and assembled a brilliant star structure. Among basketball players, Prokhorov, with his height of 203 cm, clearly feels himself to be his man.

3. Paul Allen( United States, state: $ 15 billion)

Co-founder of Microsoft owns clubs Seattle Seahawks( American football) and Portland Trail Blazers( basketball).In addition, one of the world's richest owners of sports clubs has its share in the American football team Seattle Sounders.

2. Rinat Akhmetov( Ukraine, state: $ 15.4 billion)

The richest businessman of Ukraine occupies the 47th line in the rating of billionaires Forbes and is the owner of the FC Shakhtar. Akhmetov invests in the development of football in his native Donetsk for about 20 years."Shakhtar" was the first among Ukrainian clubs to win the UEFA Cup, and the Donetsk stadium for 50 thousand seats in 2012 hosted the semi-final of the European Championships.

1. Mukesh Ambani( India, state: $ 21.5 billion)

The richest among the owners of sports clubs invests their money in cricket. Ambani is actively involved in the life of Mumbai Indians - one of the most popular teams in India. In 2011, the club won the most prestigious tournament in cricket, namely, the Champions League Twenty20.