Rating of the most terrible and strange diseases

For more than one hundred million years, medicine has known some pathologies that cause ordinary people to be bewildered and even afraid. Today we will tell you about the eight most terrible and unusual diseases known to the scientific world.

Opens our eight disease called "a living body sign" . It is typical for people who are convinced that they have already died. The cause of the emergence of the symptom complex is usually a persistent desire for suicide and an ongoing depression. Patients with a similar diagnosis believe so much in their death that they begin to feel how their body decomposes, this illness can be included in the rating: "the most stupid deaths".

The following disease - Vampire pathology - causes painful sensations when skin gets on the sun's rays. People suffering from this pathology have to completely shield themselves from the sun. Otherwise, their skin swells, bubbles form. Most patients also experience severe burning sensation. All these symptoms resemble one of the characteristics of vampires - this was the reason for the name of the disease.

This disease, like the "Jumping Frenchman disorder" , the next sixth in our rating, is characterized by a heightened reflection. Patients with a similar diagnosis are very much frightened by sudden sounds or actions. The fright manifests itself much more than ordinary people: they start screaming and waving their hands. Time passes before they manage to calm down. The first such pathology was recorded in the state of Maine.

In 1901, a dermatologist from Germany Alfred Blashko discovered an interesting phenomenon on the patient's skin. Strange bands stretched all over the body of the patient, forming an intricate pattern. Anatomy still can not explain this phenomenon, but it is known that this pathology is initially laid down in human DNA.These lines were later named by Blaschko lines .

The fourth place in the ranking of the most unusual diseases is allotriophagy . Patients suffering from this pathology, have an irresistible need to eat inedible substances. For example, they can eat with pleasure paper, clay, dirt, etc. The causes and ways of treating this disease have not yet been established. However, it has long been believed that the occurrence of such a phenomenon can be associated with a possible deficiency of minerals in the body.

The symptom of Alice in Wonderland( AIWS) is, perhaps, the most amazing disease in our rating. It is characterized by a distortion in a person's perception of time, space and their own body. Another name for the pathology is micropsia .The patient falls into a disoriented neurological state, visual perception is disturbed. Patients see objects, animals and even people in smaller sizes than they really are. So, for example, an ordinary car may seem suffering from this pathology just a little toy.

The closer to the first place, the more interesting and mysterious pathology. As, for example, a symptom of blue skin( otherwise - acanthokeratodermia) . In the sixties, a whole family of "blue people" lived in the hills of Kentucky. In addition to the apparent pathology of the pigment, most of them did not hurt at all, and some even survived to 80 years.

And, finally, the first place prize gets the disease called hypertrichosis, otherwise - the symptom complex of the werewolf . Children suffering from this disease have long dark hair on their faces. Also, the disease can cover a variety of organs.