The youngest billionaires of the world in 2013

The edition of Forbes regularly ranks the richest people of the planet on a variety of grounds. This time, the basis for rating was taken by age. Analysts of the magazine published a list, which included the world's youngest billionaires 2013 .

We propose to study the top ten of this rating carefully, which includes owners of huge states at the age not older than 34 years.


  • 10. Ayman Hariri( 34 years old, fortune - $ 1.35 billion)
  • 9. Sean Parker( 33 years old, fortune - $ 2 billion)
  • 8. Maria Bene Bövalot( 32 years old, fortune - $ 1.5 billion))
  • 7. Fahd Hariri( 32 years old, fortune - $ 1.35 billion)
  • 6. Yang Huiyian( 31, state - $ 5.7 billion)
  • 5. Eduardo Saverin( 30 years old, fortune - $ 2.2 billion)
  • 4. Scott Duncan( 30 years, fortune - $ 5.1 billion)
  • 3. Albert II von Turne und Taxis( 29 years old, fortune - $ 1.5 billion)
  • 2. Dustin Moskovitz( 28 years old, fortune - $ 3.8 billion))
  • 1. Mark Zuckerberg( 28 years old, fortune - $ 13.3 billion)

10.Ayman Hariri( 34, state - $ 1.35 billion)

Ayman is one of the sons of Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, who was killed in 2005.From his father, he inherited shares of the group of companies Saudi Oger. In addition, Ayman Hariri participates in the management of a holding engaged in real estate, telecommunications and construction.

9. Sean Parker( 33 years, fortune - $ 2 billion)

Parker - the creator of the popular Internet resource Napster, designed to download free music. He also became the first president of the largest social network Facebook at the age of 24.Currently, Sean Parker is busy promoting the video chat Airtime, launched in June 2012.

8. Maria Beniu Beauvalet( 32 years old, fortune - $ 1.5 billion)

Together with his brother Jean-Michel and his sister Emmanuel Maria inherited from the parents of the French dairy concern Lactalis. The European leader in the production of cheese and other dairy products is represented in 148 countries. The most popular brand of Lactalis is the President's cheese.

7. Fahd Hariri( 32 years, fortune - $ 1.35 billion)

Like his brother Ayman, Fahd entered the top ten youngest billionaires after the death of his father - Rafik Hariri. In the family holding company Saudi Oger, the younger brother controls the Future Television Network in the Middle East.

6. Yang Huiyian( 31, state - $ 5.7 billion)

China's richest woman is the daughter of the founder of Country Garden Holdings. In 2007, the father of Yang Huiyan held the company's shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, multiplying his considerable fortune.

5. Eduardo Saverin( 30 years old, fortune - $ 2.2 billion)

Former Mark Zuckerberg's friend holds a 5% stake in Facebook, which he received as a result of a lengthy lawsuit. To avoid paying taxes, Saverin refused American citizenship in favor of Singapore, where he currently resides, actively investing in start-ups.

4. Scott Duncan( 30 years old, fortune - $ 5.1 billion)

Scott is the youngest son of the oil magnate and founder of Enterprise Products Partners, Dan Duncan. Duncan Jr. has partial control over the company, which owns more than 50,000 kilometers of oil and gas pipelines.

3. Albert II von Thurn und Taxis( 29 years old, fortune - $ 1.5 billion)

One of Europe's most enviable fiancons lives with his mother and sisters in the family castle of St Emmeran in Germany. Albert is the twelfth prince of the Kind of Thorns and Taxis. His great fortune he received in his inheritance on the day of the 18th anniversary.

2. Dustin Moskovitz( 28 years old, fortune - $ 3.8 billion)

Moskovits helped create the legendary Facebook, being a roommate of Mark Zuckerberg. Today, Dustin actively participates in the philanthropic project of Warren Buffett and Bill Gates Giving Pledge, promising not less than half of the state to give to charity. At work Moskovits rides a bicycle, and vacation is spent in a tent.

1. Mark Zuckerberg( 28 years old, fortune - $ 13.3 billion)

is one of 's youngest billionaires of the world, co-founder and CEO of Facebook social network. After the company held an IPO, the condition of Zuckerberg depends on the value of Facebook shares, which initially fell in price, but today they are growing quite confidently.