Top 5 most notorious scandals with Hillary Clinton

The presidential race in America has reached the finish line and the attention of millions of people has been riveted to the two main contenders for the post of the world's chief democrat. Hillary Clinton is the main candidate for the US Democratic Party. Her name often appears in the press not only in connection with the elections, but also alongside headlines such as "scandal" and "accusation."

Here are the top 5 most notorious scandals related to the US presidential candidate in the 2016 election - Hillary Clinton.


  • 5. Links with leaders of regimes that violate human rights
  • 4. Negligence in handling classified documents
  • 3. Double standards of
  • 2. Legal assistance to violent
  • 1. Health problems

5. Relations with leaders of regimes that violate rightsperson

For many years, the Clinton Foundation has received tens of millions of dollars from countries with a terrible attitude towards women, gays and religious minorities. Often these countries pursued a policy directly in conflict with the stated goals of the Fund, such as promoting gender equality and the rights of LGBT people.

Prince Salman, inheriting the throne of Bahrain - the megadonore of the Clinton Foundation. In 2005, he donated $ 32 million to charity. At this time, Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State. This coincided with the fact that the US Department of State authorized the supply of arms to Bahrain.

Such transactions took place not only once. The IBTimes study earlier this year revealed strong links between Saudi donations to the Clinton Foundation and multimillion-dollar arms contracts signed by Hillary herself.

4. Negligence in handling classified documents

One of the requirements for the Secretary of State is the ability to work with sensitive information. During her time in the State Department, Hillary not only sent and received confidential documents by e-mail, she probably sent them straight to the hands of hackers.

Secretary of State Hillary on her personal account stored e-mail messages containing sensitive information. She used several badly protected devices to access the mail and sent many private email addresses to other people. One of these addresses was hacked by hackers, possibly related to Russia. And Clinton employees even lost the laptop full of confidential letters to archival posts.

3. Double standards

On December 3, 2015, Hillary Clinton wrote on Twitter: "Everyone who survived after sexual violence deserves to be heard, believed and supported."However, one such survivor after the rape Hillary believes in refusing. It's about Juanita Broadroad, who accused Bill Clinton of rape.

It was not possible to prove this charge to Juanita. And it's not so important whether it was or not. It is important that the Broddrick story is as consistent as that of many other victims of the attack. And if Clinton believes that all survivors of sexual violence should be believed by default, then Juanita must believe.

2. Legal assistance to the rapist

In 1975, Hillary defended a 41-year-old factory employee accused of raping a 12-year-old girl. As a court-appointed lawyer, Hillary was required to take the case. And she decided to do it, by trampling the victim into the mud.

She said that the girl had a wild imagination and that she craved sex with older men. The victim herself, after years, stated that all Clinton's statements are untrue.

1. Health problems

Perhaps the loudest and most discussed scandal in the rating scandalous facts about Hillary Clinton is .Although the former US Secretary of State assures voters of her good health, the facts show otherwise.

Because of pneumonia Clinton became ill at the event in memory of the victims of the 9/11 attacks. In March, she underwent a brain scan. And at the end of June, during a speech to reporters, Hillary's face was so strangely twitching that she was suspected of having epilepsy.

These are all potentially serious obstacles to taking office, given that Mrs. Clinton is already at a very respectable age( she is 68 years old).