The most influential women of the world 2013

In May 2013, Forbes published the rating of the most influential women of the planet for the tenth time. In one hundred heads of nine states, the first persons of the largest companies, as well as ladies engaged in charity and leading active public work.

We offer a look at the top ten ranking of Forbes, which included the world's most influential women of the 2013 .


  • 10. Indra Nooyi( CEO of PepsiCo)
  • 9. Sonia Gandhi( leader of the Indian National Congress)
  • 8. Janet Napolitano( head of the Department of Homeland Security)
  • 7. Christine Lagarde( IMF Managing Director)
  • 6.Sheryl Sandberg( Facebook executive director)
  • 5. Hillary Clinton
  • 4. Michelle Obama( US first lady)
  • 3. Melinda Gates( co-founder of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation)
  • 2. Dilma Rousseff( President of Brazil)
  • 1. Angela Merkel( Chancellor of Germany)

10. Indra Nui( gDirector General shall PepsiCo)

Under the leadership of Indra Nooyi revenue is one of the world's leading manufacturers of beverages and snacks for the year grew by 1.2%, amounting to $ 13 billion. The company is actively working on new products, among them - a new sweetener, designed to strengthen the position of PepsiCo in the age-old struggle with Coca-Cola.

9. Sonya Gandhi( leader of the Indian National Congress)

Sonya Gandhi influences the management of the world's second most populous country. After the term of office of the current Indian Prime Minister Manhomon Singh in 2014, it is Gandhi who becomes the most likely candidate for this post. It is expected that a detachment consisting of women commandos will soon begin to protect Sonia Gandhi from possible assassinations.

8. Janet Napolitano( head of the Department of Homeland Security)

Budget Office, headed by Napolitano, is $ 48 billion per year, and is working in it 240 thousand people. Napolitano is an experienced politician, until 2009 she was governor of Arizona. Today, one of the main tasks of his work, Janet calls the fight against cybercrime.

7. Kristin Lagarde( Managing Director of the IMF)

For two years now, the International Monetary Fund has been headed by a woman. Before starting to plan financial flows throughout the euro area, Lagarde worked as a lawyer in the US and as finance minister in France. It is Christine Lagarde who owns the project of dividing the general debt burden between the EU countries.

6. Cheryl Sandberg( Facebook CEO)

Among the latest achievements of Facebook's top manager are record revenues from mobile advertising. By the way, Sandberg presented her views on the problems of modern women in the book "From Within: Women, Work and Leadership".The edition does not leave lists of bestsellers, having dispersed for the first week in the circulation in 150 thousand copies.

5. Hillary Clinton

At the head of the Department of State Hillary succeeded John Kerry, and she "iron lady" until a break from the big policy and plans to write a book. Although it is Hillary Clinton who is persistently considered the favorite of the next presidential campaign.65% of democrats are ready to give their votes for it.

4. Michelle Obama( US first lady)

Michelle not only successfully set off his influential wife, but she is actively involved in social and political life. Mrs. Obama oversees the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the fight against childhood obesity. Michelle often appears on TV and even took over the presentation of the "Oscar" for the best film-2013.

3. Melinda Gates( co-founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation)

The Bill Gates and his wife's charitable foundation annually spend billions of dollars on humanitarian goals. The main focus of costs is the support of health care. So, the fund annually allocates $ 140 million for struggle against poliomyelitis. The last initiative of Melinda is the provision of contraceptives to 120 million women in third world countries.

2. Dilma Roussef( President of Brazil)

Dilma manages the seventh largest economy in the world. The main tasks of Roussef are the acceleration of the rates of economic growth and the activation of entrepreneurial activity. It is believed that the influence of Dilma Roussef will also contribute to the fact that Brazilian Roberto Azevedo was appointed to the post of WTO head in 2013.

1. Angela Merkel( German Chancellor)

Merkel has been the third time in a row to lead the rating of the world's most influential women .Angela Merkel is a supporter of tough anti-crisis measures, she is not afraid to confront the leaders of other European countries. In the fall, the Chancellor will be re-elected, and analysts predict Merkel's unqualified victory in this election.