Top 10 creative tools for insects

Summer is the expanse of mosquitoes, flies and other bloodsucking-damaging, as well as producers of insect repellents .If they finally bored you, use our rating of creative insecticides in order to choose the optimal way for your personal war with parasites.


  • 1. FIRE
  • 2.
  • robots 3.
  • flyby flywheel 4.
  • vacuum gun 5. Vacuum gun for humanists
  • 6. Baseball bat
  • 7. Laser guns
  • 8. USB guns
  • 9. Catcher
  • 10Fence under tension

1. Fire

Fire and sword need to destroy sworn enemies, everyone knows this. To divide mosquitoes with a two-handed sword only a professional who can hold this sword in his hands from infancy, but everyone can use the Fire Mosquito-Johannes Foghl.

It is strongly recommended that you follow the safety instructions.

2. Robots

With the development of anthropoid fighting robots, not everything is smooth, but they are quite capable of catching insects. These insidious creatures are waiting for them to sit on an insect and sweep it into acid with brushes. It is quite effective against insects.

3. Spider Flywheel

Mango Studio has developed a fly swatter in the form of a pathon with the expectation that the enemy of our enemy is our friend.

4. The

Vacuum Gun Fly-Goodbye is a weapon for taking insects into captivity. Do not forget - because you are at war. This unique device sucks in an insect flying at a distance of 3 centimeters, and conveniently places a fly or mosquito in a sticky cartridge, and then do whatever you want with it.

5. Vacuum cannon for humanists

If you are not ready to cruelly treat captives, then with this unique vacuum cleaner-pistol of Chinese production, you can release caught insects on the street. But consider - they can not appreciate your nobility and return with accomplices. A humane means of fighting insects.

6. Baseball bat

There are a lot of them sold in our country, tens of times more than there are real players, so there will be no problems with the question "where to get weapons?"Again, the double benefit: you will kill the enemy, and you will practice training.

7. Laser guns

Insidious Photonic Fence recognizes flying mosquitoes and mercilessly destroys them. Harmless to humans and pets( unless, of course, your pets are not mosquitoes).

8. USB weapon

This small "flash drive" creates an ultrasonic field from mosquitoes, as soon as you connect this device to a computer or laptop.

9. Catcher

The new Catcher developed by the Korean designer is absolutely simple and ingenious. As a matter of fact it is a lamp to which all mosquitoes fly, and to you remains in the end only to close a cover that insects have appeared in a trap.

10. Fence under voltage

Of course, it is not necessary to fence the whole house with a fence, to which the current is drawn, it is enough to use the Solar Powered Insect Killer. The basis of its action is about the same as that of the Hunter: flies with mosquitoes fly to the light, emitted by the device. However, you do not have to do anything at all, because after flying to the desired light, insects will come across a grid that is under high voltage. An important plus of this is the insect repellent : runs on a solar battery.