Rating of the most unusual phenomena in the world

In nature there are mysterious phenomena, the answers to which can not be found for centuries. Previously, they were called devilry, and now they refer to the unknown. Recently, scientists have compiled a rating of such phenomena by the frequency of mentioning by the press.

  1. The first place belongs to the phenomenon of "Taoist noise". For many years, residents of the city of Taos in the state of New Mexico have heard an unusual noise, it comes from the desert. From where it is still not clear.
  2. The second place is the snowman .Like a shrouded monkey on a monkey-like creature. He is seen from time to time in different parts of the planet and tells strange stories about him, but no one has so far proven his existence.
  3. The third place is taken by intuition. Many people talk about the inner voice, which tells them what to do. And some with his help even predict the future. Science has not yet found an explanation for this.
  4. The fourth place is the disappearance of people. Every day in the world dozens of people disappear without a trace. Versions of this set, from criminal to supernatural types of abductions by extraterrestrial intelligence or transition to another dimension.
  5. The fifth place - ghosts. Some people say that they saw ghosts, but there is no evidence of this. This is usually referred to as mental disorders, hallucinations and hypnosis.
  6. In the sixth place - Deja Vu in translation from the French "seen before". In this phenomenon, it seems to people that they have already seen it somewhere or participated in the same actions. The reason for this may be the relocation of souls, dreams seen and many other things.
  7. The seventh place belongs to the UFO. Unidentified flying objects or secret military experiments? While no one knows. ..
  8. The eighth position was taken by the phenomenon of "life after death". Light at the end of the tunnel or conversations with a luminous silhouette during a clinical death, a meeting with deceased relatives and acquaintances. Physicians attribute this to the lack of oxygen in the brain. And what happens when a person sees himself hovering in front of his own body?then the doctors are silent.
  9. In the ninth place - extrasensory .To see and hear for hundreds of kilometers, the past and the future, to feel the mood and condition of another person. This phenomenon is being challenged now not so much as before and there are already written evidence of the existence of such abilities.
  10. Closes the top 10 of unusual phenomena - the connection of body and mind. How is this manifested? If such a person to convince that he is sick, it really starts to feel unwell, his outward symptoms may appear, when in fact the person is completely healthy and this is just a suggestion aggravated by auto-suggestion. Thus, our thoughts can control some phenomena.