Rating of the best DJs of the world 2011


David Guetta

DJ from France has displaced the leader of recent years. I started climbing the ladder of success already at 17, and in 2011 I received the Grammy Awards for teamwork with Madonna.


Armin van Buuren

Dutch DJ, who took the top line for 4 consecutive years. He is one of the founders of the largest label of electronic music recording studios Armada Music.


Ti? Sto

Also a disc jockey from the Netherlands, conducts its own popular radio show Club life.



A musician from Canada loves various jokes and fakes, and his first audio was also a kind of joke.


Above &Beyond

This British band was formed in 2000 and quickly became popular, especially thanks to its remixes



For the first time appearing on the music scene in 2009 at the age of 20, for 2 years has achieved great success and 6th line in the ranking of the best DJs.



For a year I climbed 12 lines and got Gremi for a remix for Madonna's song


Dash Berlin

The band was formed in 2007, bringing together three Dutch musicians and began to move very fast.


Markus Schulz

German music producer leading the popular show, which features many of the first lines


Swedish House Mafia

The group united house DJs and producers from Sweden and they released their first single in 2010, and in this already occupy the tenth line.


Paul van Dyk

Was nominated for Grammy, expresses his views on political processes through his music



Axtone label owner, "Ibiza DJ Awards" winner, part of the Swedish House Mafia team


Gareth Emery

Since childhood, thanks to his parents, he was fond of various music, but he got into dancing culture only in 2002, and his track "Mistral" quickly becomes the anthem of the world dance floor.


Fedde Le Grand

Combines in its tracks various styles - from classical electro to acoustic sound, acts in clubs since 1994



In 1993 he created the project Sequential One, and since 1998 he has been working under a pseudonym formed from his abbreviation - André Tanneberger


Sander Van Doorn

Mixmag magazine in 2006 named him the Hero of the Future, and in thissameode received the award at the Trance Awards, thanks to its unique style



got on the music scene by chance, before his main desire was to become a footballer. Since ten years is still engaged in voice acting


Ferry Corsten

Runs his own radio show Corsten's Countdown broadcast around the world every week. The first record was created in 16, but the real start of his career was the age of 27 years.



In 12 he learned to play guitar, at 15 he already played in a rock band, first with a guitar player and then a soloist, and in 2007 his first solo album was released


Laidback Luke

The owner of the Mixmash label, got its first popularity in 1997, and has since constantly performed in clubs around the world.


Infected Mushroom

The group formed by two Israelis now consists of five people, the last single of which was released in 2009


Aly &Fila

The Egyptian duo became popular thanks to remixes, in 2006 launched its radio show


Steve Angello

One of the members of the Swedish House Mafia, owner of the label Size Records, who received support from superstars.



In 2008, Hardwell released the first track, which immediately blew up the dance floors, and he was only 18 at that time, and since then none of his songs are similar to the previous ones.


Arty( Artem Stolyarov)

Takes the highest line of his compatriots. After graduating from music school, put music first, and after getting to know Anton Shokhin, discovered electronic music in 2008


Sebastian Ingrosso

A famous DJ from South Africa, owner of the label Refune. His father was the owner of two music studios, which could not but affect the priorities of the son


Benny Benassi

Became famous for the track( and then the video) "Satisfaction", recorded with his brother


Daft Punk

Blowing was formed already in 1993,and in the late 90's had a significant impact on the formation of house in France


Martin Solveig

The owner of the label Mixture Stereophonic, the host of the weekly radio show "C'est La Vie"



The former owner of music disc stores, since 2000 worked in Om Records, where he recorded the first track, and at the end of 2006signed a contract with Ultra Records


Carl Cox

From childhood, he bought up records for all pocket money, and at 15 bought the first DJ set, and in the late 90s began to promote the musicians



From South America, he began to take an interest in music at the age of 13, playing at the gatherings of friends, and since 1993 he worked at the Dutch club


Bob Sinclar

Started a career in 17 under the pseudonym Chris-French kiss, popularized the French house


Calvin Harris

Title holder Electroship king for the first album, and the second album for 6 dher after was in first place UK Album Charts



The project consists of two people who united only 3 years ago, before building their own careers


W & W

The duo of two young producers from Holland - Willem van Hahnegem and Wardt van der Harst, conducts a weekly show on the radio "Mainstage"


Pete The Zouk

Announced himself at the age of 16 in 1994, currently he is a free disc jockey that is not bound by contracts, earns trips around the world


Dada Life

The musical duo, formed in 2006, in 2007 after the releasethe second singlea really popular



He began his career in 2001, when he sent his record to BZRK Records, where she heard the DJ Buzz Fuzz, head of the company, and helped young talent to release the first albums


D-Block &S-Te-Fan

The hardstyle duo from the Netherlands who started collaborating in 2004. Prior to this, Diederik Bakker helped write electronic music to his father, and Stefan Dan Daas drew inspiration from the happy hardcore



This Belgian DJ started composing music as early as 12 years onkeyboard, writing together the first single, and then focused on the solo career of


Steve Aoki

The son of a wealthy father, he did not drop to drugs and hangouts, and began to play on his own apartments, and in 14 began to produce self-made plates


Cosmic Gate

Duetnotetskih DJs formed in 1999, has released many remixes of works of famous musicians. The


Bobina( Dmitry Almazov)

was originally on tour; however, Sergey Vinogradov and Dmitry Almazov's duet was originally, but Sergey left the project, the winner of the Russian Dance Music Awards


Richie Hawtin

Started his career in 1989, creating his own style, and quickly became popular on both sidesAtlanta


Eric Prydz

Musician, producer and disc jockey from Sweden, now lives in London, created his own music, was a drummer in a rock band, and then with two friends began to create electronic music, working at the club



Started his career in the late 90s, standing out against the general background, gaining a lot of followers, in fact is the founder of Hardstyle



. Like in Hollywood movies, he once woke up with a star, namely after performing on the main stage of Trance Energy, after which he became a resident of the famous Family Family


Orjan Nilsen

Since 7 years he trained on the synthesizer keyboard, and in 16 he first bought serious equipment and declared himself


Andy Moor

With five years he played the piano, and to 10 he played five instruments, in 15 he released the first album, and inThe 21-year-old appeared before a crowd of thousands at the festival as one of the best DJs.

Club life is a special area where bankers and punks, doctors and patients, accountants and managers, students and programmers become part of a single whole. And at the head of this life are not the owners of clubs, but the disc jockey. They create the atmosphere, set the mood, keep the energy of hundreds of people on their shoulders, and unite all the visitors around their talent and special spirit. And, of course, among them there are more popular and less. So who is on top of this food chain? DJ Mag annually publishes its ratings of the best DJs of the world , which is made up on the basis of the fans' vote. Let's look at the results of voting this year. As in the past, all the same faces got in the top 100 best, but the seats were distributed quite unexpectedly, for the first time in 4 years Armin van Buuren was moved to the second line.