Top 10 Best Remedies for Acne

Problems with the skin - attack teens, and adults. Stress and malnutrition, the pace of modern life only worsen the condition, and even if you do not have a genetic predisposition, you will still face this problem. And is there a tool that will help better and faster to get rid of acne ?Of course, any cosmetic product individually, but having got acquainted with the rating of the best means from acne, you can better navigate the cosmetics market.


  • 10. Clean &Clear - Advantage. Daily emulsion from acne
  • 9. Mary Kay - Acne Skin Care System
  • 8. Skinoren - Skinorene Cream
  • 7. Mirra-Lux - Gel Silver
  • 6. Uriage - Active care with A.N.A.
  • 5. Garnier - Pure skin Active acne cream
  • 4. Johnson &Johnson - Visibly Clear
  • 3. Avon -.Correction lotion
  • 2. Granex - Dermatological kit Granex
  • 1.Artistry - Facial care for problematic skin

10. Clean &Clear - Advantage. The daily emulsion from acne

This means of the famous brand received an average rating of 3.4 points among the surveyed consumers of the product. Emulsion actively fights against deficiencies of oily skin and as a result with acne, while matting the skin. Cleansing and relieving the skin of excess fat, moisturizes it, making it healthy and beautiful.

9. Mary Kay - Acne Skin Care System

Customer Evaluation: 3.7

This series of products uses a solution with 2% salicylic acid in the production, which will help not only to clean the skin of bored acne, but also to reduce or completely protect you from the appearancenew acne. All the products in the series contain herbal extracts, which soften the skin.

8. Skinoren - Skinoren Cream

Customer rating: 3.7

It treats not only youthful and common acne, but also hyperpigmentation of the skin. Due to the control over the processes of keratinization, it allows to normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, and also has an excellent antimicrobial effect.

7. Mirra-Lux - Gel Silver

Customer rating: 4

Effective bactericidal action has this product due to the gel base, as well as the constituent of silver and phyto-elements. Also actively nourishes the skin with vitamins and microelements, eliminates acne.

6. Uriage - Active care with ANA.

Evaluation of consumers: 4. 3

Restores skin balance, normalizing skin nutrition and leveling its surface. Due to matting, it refreshes the appearance of the skin, hiding imperfections.

5. Garnier - Pure skin Active acne cream

Customer rating: 4.5

This is a completely new product line from Garnier, characterized by the speed of action, which is important before an important event, before which all the stress will "be" on the skin. Also one of the few tools actively fighting the emergence of black dots.

4. Johnson &Johnson - Visibly Clear

Customer rating: 4.7

Conveniently applied, thanks to a special applicator, the gel has an active formula that begins to fight with acne immediately after use. The remedy destroys 99% of all bacteria that lead to skin problems, without damaging the skin directly.

3. Avon -.

corrective lotion. Consumers rating: 4.7

Controls the fat content of the skin due to the zinc peptide, reduces pores, without breaking the "breath" of the skin, removes pimples, and also matures it and gives it a natural shine.

2. Granex - Dermatological kit Granex

Consumer rating: 5

Quickly became popular due to the fact that the composition includes only natural ingredients such as aloe, glycyrrhizic acid, chamomile and many others. Tonic for the face literally "revitalize" the skin, making it healthy and beautiful, and a spray designed for local effects, quickly eliminate the problems that have arisen on a specific area of ​​the skin, for example, an unexpectedly developed pimple.

1.Artistry - Facial skin care product

Customer rating: 5

Drys individual problem areas of the skin, leveling its surface and normalizing the release of fat, making the skin look healthy and hydrated. One of the few products that does not contain flavorings, but the composition includes salicylic acid, which fights with the appearance of new acne and chamomile extract that soothes the skin. This is undoubtedly the best tool for acne control , suitable for any skin type, including sensitive ones.

Author: Alena Kashtanova