Top 5 richest performers of hip-hop in 2014

Compiling a list of the world's richest rappers, Forbes analysts used data provided by the media, financial experts, agents, managers and the performers themselves. As a result, it was established that musicians can earn virtually billions of dollars.

Today we present Top-5 richest performers hip-hop 2014 .The cumulative state of the five is approaching $ 2 billion, with the main income being brought not by music albums and tracks, but by commercial activity.


  • 5. 50 Cent( $ 140 million)
  • 4. Birdman( $ 160 million)
  • 3. Jay Z( $ 520 million)
  • 2. Dr. Dre( $ 550 million)
  • 1. Diddy( $ 700 million)

5. 50 Cent( $ 140 million)

Curtis Jackson's fortune was based on the sale of a stake in VitaminWater to the Coca-Cola giant for a fabulous $ 100 millionToday the musician is actively engaged in promotion of new brands - SMS Audio headphones and SK Energy energy. This year should also bring a considerable income thanks to the release of the new album, scheduled for June 2014.

4. Birdman( $ 160 million)

Brian Williams shares his income with his own brother - Ronald Slim Williams, whose fortune is also estimated in a tidy sum. The main income for Williams brothers is brought by the sound recording brand Cash Money, as well as own line of clothes and vodka GT Vodka. His tracks on the Williams studio are recorded by Drake, Nicky Minaj and Paris Hilton.

3. Jay Z( $ 520 million)

The capital of the performer, whose real name is Sean Carter, consisted of the proceeds from the sale of the Rocheear branded rapper brand iconix Brand Group, as well as a contract with Live Nation, which organizes concerts. Over the past year, a huge income for Carter brought its own brand Jay Z - Roc Nation and sports agency, founded recently - Roc Nation Sports.

2. Dr. Dre( $ 550 million)

The real name of the famous rapper Andre Young. Today, multimillion-dollar incomes to the performer bring not only royalties, but also the implementation of Beats By headphones. Dre, which are popular even among professionals. The annual sales of this elite model approached $ 2 billion. Dre outscored the wealthy Jay Z.

1. Diddy( $ 700 million)

Only in the past year the state of the world's richest rapper grew by $ 120 million. This income is associated with the launch of its own Revolt TV muzkanal, which Diddy pays all free time. A lot of money also comes from cooperation with the alcohol brand Ciroc, as well as joint projects with the participation of other performers included in our Top 5 - Jay Z and 50 Cent.