Rating of social networks and services

Rating of the TOP-10 of the popularity of public networks from domestic people of the Internet, and TOP-20 WEB 2.0 RU, ie the most popular in Russia hosting of blogs, video, photos and acquaintances, the press center of SARAFANNOERADIO.The rating is compiled with the help of Sarafann Radio's own instruments, with the support of data from Alexa, Google, Yandex, Compete, Quantcast, COMSCORE, EBIZMBA, Yahoo, LIVEINTERNET and several other authoritative sources.


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Social networks

Social network - an interactive multi-user Internet site, the content of which is filled with its visitors, with the possibility of specifying some information about an individual, through which the user's account will be able to find otherprivate owners of the Internet.

Social network - a social structure, consisting of groups of nodes, which are social groups, individuals, individuals. One of the common features of social networks is the system of "friends" and "groups".

The social network facilitates the creation of a personal profile and virtual relationships. Social Internet is used to search for people with similar interests and objects of such interests. In public networks, as a rule, people's classification is used, the practice of joint categorization of information.

Rating of social networks by popularity in the RF

Place in the ranking, Name, Address, Attendance in the world( Rank of Attendance Alexa Traffic Rank) / Rating of attendance of the resource, with the specified address of one's own country.

  1. VKONTAKTE, vkontakte.ru, 37/3 and vk, 167/11.
  2. Classmates, odnoklassniki.ru, 109/7.
  3. My world, mail.ru, 34/2.
  4. Facebook, facebook.com, 2/2.
  5. Twitter, twitter.com, 11/7.
  6. Habrahabr, habrahabr.ru, 822/35.
  7. Myspace, myspace.com, 29/15.
  8. My circle, moikrug.ru, 3091/112.
  9. The world is small, mirtesen.ru, 3672/160.
  10. Beon, beon.ru, 4114/170.

Resources WEB 2.0

Web 2.0, Web II-th generation - a kind of sites on which online content( internal filling of the resource) is created by the users themselves. The content of Web 2.0 sites is mostly created and managed by users.

Web 2.0 sites are controlled by more interactive tools than means of publication.

Russian rating Web 2.0 networks: hosting blogs, photos, videos, games, articles and dating

Ranking, Name, Address, Attendance in the world( Rank of Attendance Alexa Traffic Rank) / Rating of attendance of the resource, with the specified address of one's own country.

  1. Youtube, youtube.com, 3/4.
  2. My world, mail.ru, 34/2.
  3. LIVEJOURNAL, livejournal.com, 76/8.
  4. Wikipedia, wikipedia.org, 7/6.
  5. LIVEINTERNET, liveinternet.ru 242/12.
  6. Rutracker, rutracker.org, 284/14.
  7. People, narod.ru, 278/15.
  8. Ucoz, ucoz.ru, 262/16.
  9. Blogger, blogger.com, 8/10.
  10. Ya.ru, my.ya.ru, 471/21.
  11. Radical-Photo, radikal.ru, 473/26.
  12. @ diaries, diary.ru, 1473/45.
  13. Rutub, rutube.ru, 1146/53.
  14. PARTYPOKER, partypoker.com, 141/44.
  15. Mamba, mamba.ru, 1472/64.
  16. Fastpic.com, fastpic.ru, 1302/65.
  17. Flickr, flickr.com, 36/24.
  18. Loveplanet, loveplanet.ru, 2091/90.
  19. Beon, beon.ru, 4114/170.
  20. Travian, travian.co.uk, 3848/209.

Popular social networks on the Internet and Web 2.0 resources

VKontakte is a social network, one of the most visited sites in the CIS.Russian analogue of the network service Facebook. A universal method of maintaining communication for different social groups and ages: classmates, students, classmates, graduates of higher education institutions, close people, friends, neighbors and colleagues.

Classmates - a social network, which makes it possible to find and restore communication with former classmates, alumni, classmates, friends of school and student years, friends and acquaintances. Service for finding new friends and acquaintances with a multitude of questionnaires of people who will be able to share common interests, hobbies and hobbies. It allows virtual communication, viewing photos and appointing real meetings.

My world is a place where old friends get together, have a lot of new friends, be aware of what happens to them, watch their new photos and videos, read blogs, answer questions and leave entries in the guest book, look for classmates,classmates and former colleagues.

Youtube is a service intended for viewing and posting user-generated videos from the whole world on the Web. Professionally filmed films, clips, amateur videos, videoblogs. Provides video hosting services. Users can add, view and comment on videos.

Wikipedia is a free public multilingual universal online encyclopedia. Multilingual project with freely distributed content. Any user can edit existing materials that are written jointly by volunteers from the whole world. The largest and most well-known directory on the web.

LIVEJOURNAL ( in English - LIVEJOURNAL, LJ; in Russian - ЖЖ, ЖЖ) - a platform for posting online diaries, communities, individual and collective blogs, entries, publications, comments. It has a set of functions and settings for blogs: a variety of types of records, the possibility of commenting them, specifying advanced information about the user, friends( friends), friends( friends), people pictures( userpics), and account security functions.

Blogger is a blog service with the ability to create a blog by an inexperienced Internet user, without programming, installing and configuring software. The created blog can be located both on the Blogger server( with its own domain name), and on the hosting of the blog creator. The owner of the Blogger service is Google.

Facebook is an English-language social network with a Russian-language version, founded in early 2004 for Harvard students, and has gained worldwide popularity from various social groups. Free services, the opportunity to communicate with friends, classmates and colleagues. On Facebook there are stars of show business and world-class celebrities.1 of the shareholders of Facebook company Microsoft.

Party Poker - online poker room, a resource for playing poker on the web. In online mode, multi-tables for Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, 7 card studs and 7 cards Stud Hi High. A licensed and secure resource offers great poker tournaments, free tournaments, a real money game and poker training.

RUTUB - hosting for video, the main content of which are videos taken and uploaded by registered users who have their own account on the service. RUTUBE provides the ability to view, listen and join online radio and television programs. Ratings, contests and comments of people.

LIVEINTERNET is the largest blogging platform. Personal blogs, blog posts, subscription to updates, images, photo albums, voting, comments, RSS feeds, a friend's tape. Thematic communities, navigation m / y diaries and messages, citations, calendars, sampling by interests and cities, video and audio, forums, dating. Statistics counter rax.ru, mail li.ru, service of acquaintances, market, on-line game Oligarch, informers( weather, TV-utility).

Habrahabr is a special social network of specialists of the IT market and Internet economy. Programmers, copywriters, make-up artists, correspondents, analysts, advertisers, owners and managers of IT companies. Personal and collective blogs, personal audio and video broadcasts, multimedia-media, IT-messages, interviews, trends and developments. Votings, images, photos, joint content categorization, new acquaintances and job search.

Dairi is a well-known service with hundreds of thousands of diaries. Users conduct their diaries and read other people's messages, and communicate with each [email protected] Blogs - a system of online diaries - personal sections in which any person can keep records about themselves, their own lives and much more. The content of the diaries is not moderated by the administration of the service.

Mamba is the largest Russian-language online dating system. Social Internet dating in the Russian Federation have an obvious leader - Mambu, a franchising network of industry dating with a single questionnaire database on finding a life partner, indicating age, interests, sexual orientation and describing the one with whom users are willing to meet. Allows registered users to communicate with themselves and negotiate meetings. The service cooperates with similar resources, like Mail. Ru, Rambler and Odnoklassniki.ru. Social internet dating in Russia?? t the obvious leader

Lovplanet - a social network of dating sites in Russia and beyond. Ability to post questionnaires indicating age, interests, sexual orientation and describing who they want to meet for a serious relationship and a family. The service allows you to correspond, find new friends, communicate with other users on a variety of topics, appoint visits and keep diaries. On the web resource there is a possibility of income, h / e connecting your own domain or subdomain to the affiliate program and customize the design n! Od itself.

Travian is a browser-based game-strategy in real time, with action in times of conditional antiquity. Construction, trade, development of villages and military actions of 4 nations: Romans, Gauls, Germans and natars. A large number of players interact with each other, join alliances, exchange resources and collect joint operations. The network is available in more than 50 languages ​​for free, money for sending SMS replenishment can receive additional bonuses.
Beon is a youth information and entertainment social network with a simple and intuitive interface. Personal blogs of people, with their interests, ideas and hobbies. Reading people's records with the possibility of making their own comments. Communities, music, tests, photos, polls, games and ratings. Users conduct diaries, get acquainted and communicate with each other, dream, find new friends, leave comments, take part in chats and forums.

Twitter - microblogging system with many answers to the question: What happens? Many Internet users would like to make their own personal blog on the Web. In Twitter, it is possible without any skills for a few mines.do microblogging and always exchange with friends short messages of 140 characters. They are immediately displayed on the page and delivered to other users who are subscribed to receive them, that is, to friends and followers.

Flickr - social network with photo hosting and video hosting.1 of I-Web 2.0 services and 1 of the most popular sites among bloggers for posting photos and groups for discussion. In Twitter they "chirp", in Flickr "click".Users post videos, create albums, store their photos, tag them with tags and get opinions about them from the whole world. Paid accounts do not have restrictions on the number of albums and photos.

The world is small - a social network with a search engine that allows you to find friends, colleagues, classmates, classmates and like-minded people. Manual and automatic search helps users find new jobs and common hobbies. Users have notebooks with an information manager and automatic changes for the relevance of individual, useful and business contacts.

Mayspace is a resource for online entertainment communities. MYSPACE, is translated as "my space" - a single space for blogging, placement of photo and video materials, music. A blog platform for online video games, the ability to create communities of interest and communication with other users. MYSPACE plays a prominent role in the contemporary mass culture of English-speaking countries.

My circle is a social network with the search for acquaintances, partners, employers, employees and communication on interests. Personal acquaintances - I circle the participant, familiar acquaintances - II-th, etc. Choosing a thematic direction, the user will see like-minded people and colleagues, and those who see it. Circles of professional interests have their own forums with meaningful content.