Rating of the most unusual habits and features of a person

The popular science journal New Scientist compiled a rating of the most strange and unexplained human quirks, which can not be explained. They found out only 10 .For example, similar abilities like laughing, blushing, dreaming.

About one of our friends, we can say: "he's a man with oddities."However, this kind of strangeness is inherent in each of us. Where are they from and why are they needed? !We did not get a clear answer. However, in general, we live well with them. And without some of them, we as a whole can not imagine our own life!


  • 1. The ability of people to blush with shame.
  • 2. Laughter.
  • 3. Hair that grow in the region.genitals.
  • 4. Adolescent puberty stage.
  • 5. Dreams.
  • 6. Altruism.
  • 7. Superstitions.
  • 8. The habit of kissing.
  • 9. Picking in the nose.
  • 10. Pose for sleep.

1. The ability of people to blush with shame.

Shame is a strong emotion, the functional significance of which is to regulate a person's behavior according to the norms. However, in the final time, the norms for different people became different. For someone, one behavior seems unthinkable, for another it is in the order of things. And it is by the ability of a person to blush we can still comprehend its essence. After all, we can not hide this strangeness. But it is possible to realize who is before us: a conscientious or cunning person.

2. Laughter.

Laughter made a round of aura of mystery. At first glance it seems that everything is quite understandable and it's just pointless to talk about it. At the same time, trying to explain everything that you know about him, is always unsuccessful, and you begin to doubt whether you know anything. What definition can we give of laughter? Laughter is one of the human responses to the ridiculous. And what is ridiculous for each of us is even more difficult to establish. For this reason, each of us assesses the sense of humor differently. And how many epithets do we hear about laughter: contagious, unrestrained, causeless, hysterical, gulf. ..

3. Hair that grows in the region.genitals.

This feature is one of the most unexplained mysteries of the human body. What is their role, do they exist as a whole? Maybe we just have not figured it out. ..

4. Adolescent puberty stage.

The pubertal stage, or , the puberty stage of is the time when abrupt changes occur in the teenager's physical condition, incl."Growth spurt", the creation of secondary sexual characteristics. In addition, this stage is characterized by important changes in the psyche. Surprisingly, after all, our closest "relatives" of primates, this phenomenon is not observed.

5. Dreams.

One more of the mysteries, shrouded in darkness. Dreams are our little life with our own stories and experiences. About this feature of the human essence created a large set of theories, explanations and even dream books that can interpret almost all kinds of images. Some say that a dream is nothing more than a projection of our consciousness or thoughts. And how then to explain the dreams that go beyond any framework of existing logic. Sometimes dreams are our experiences, at times they portend the future. Dreams - the best predicted, the main thing is just to decipher them.

6. Altruism.

The creative abilities of allow you to make and invent works of art. It is still not clear where a person wants to do something "high", spiritual, intellectual, and who or what is the source of inspiration. Most likely, this is a reflection of our feelings and thoughts, our vision of the world, or, in short, sublimation. And, of course, it is not given to realize that in general it can propel us to an impartial and selfless help to our neighbor? !

7. Superstitions.

By their own nature, superstitions are pagan, and can be ecclesiastical. If you look closely, it is not difficult to see that the word superstition consists of 2 words: faith and turmoil. Superstition is belief in vanity( vain, empty, not having true value).The interpretation of superstition is extremely contradictory. Some have a black cat for joy, others have nothing to do with good. All this testifies to the fact that all these anthropogenic prejudices are not worthy of our attention, and even more so of worship. A superstitious person becomes a slave to his superstitions. And yet we meet with this everywhere, and we can not but pay no attention to all known signs and signs.

8. The habit of kissing.

There are a lot of stories and stories about why people kiss. However, in our time everything is interpreted otherwise. And yet, a kiss for centuries is considered symbolic sign of sexual connection .Only the purpose pursued by people, kissing, strictly no one will say. However, there are a large number of assumptions. It is a form of expression of admiration, reverence, courtship. You also probably heard a lot of stories about the benefits of kissing, and while no one has denied this, kiss on health!

9. Picking in the nose.

Since childhood we know that picking your nose is not good. It may turn out to be ugly, however, it turns out, is useful. According to one English newspaper, picking stimulates the brain work of .So, getting rid of a bad habit, probably, you missed the chance to become the second Einstein or Newton. According to the conclusion of other experts, eating goats helps improve immunity. So, let anyone decide for himself: get rid of this habit or not.

10. Pose for sleep.

For whatever reason, people choose different poses for sleep - another 1 inexplicable feature. Maybe it depends on what we dream. But the researchers claim that poses can tell us about the nature of the person .However, there is no unanimous opinion. After all, a person can take more than one pose overnight.

No matter how much the best minds are fighting over these riddles, or trying to give an explanation of our features, certain answers to the questions have not yet been found. After all, man is the most inexplicable and mysterious creature on the planet. And in us lies a dozen or two of these strange things. However, the researchers do not lose heart, but the human race continues to amaze.