Rating of the best advisers Forex 2015

The game on Forex is a fascinating and profitable occupation. But not everyone can afford to trade manually. Help in the investment can advisers, which will allow you to receive a stable income in almost automatic mode, saving the investor from round-the-clock monitoring of the bidding.

When choosing an adviser, you must pay attention to a number of nuances. In the interest of good faith, the availability of reports from a real account. Before you start earning with any adviser, it is advisable to test it on a demo account and only then go to a real account, having studied all available settings and work features.

Today in the top ten is rating of advisors Forex 2015 of the year. The list is made according to the authoritative profile edition of ForexMagazine.

Advisors Forex, the rating of the best of which we publish today, has already proven itself in the market, with their help, hundreds of investors earn.


  • 10. WallStreet Premium 4.2
  • 9. Forex Combo System
  • 8.
  • 7. AGressor MOD
  • 6. Magic Champ II Pro
  • 5. MoneyPrinter
  • 4. ForexHacked 2.5
  • 3. Bulldozer Lock v1.3
  • 2. Progressor v 1.9
  • 1. 2Sides v5.0b6

10. WallStreet Premium 4.2

The advisor belongs to the group of scalpers. The program opens a large number of transactions, and then closes them with low profits. Such a strategy guarantees a stable income and the ability to trade on a short-term trend.

9. Forex Combo System

The well-known adviser applies 4 strategies and allows to conduct round-the-clock trading on EUR-USD and GBP-USD.Settings allow you to set aggressive mode, the maximum spread for opening a position, the increase in the lot.


NET NETWORK ADVISOR CODE This program allows you to conduct effective trading in a semi-automatic mode. The strategy is based on the principle of the grid, the meaning of which is in opening limit orders at a certain distance from each other.

7. Agressor MOD

The main feature of the adviser is the focus on the breakthrough of the so-called "morning flat".The settings are simple and allow you to set the working time and the order of increasing the lot for each subsequent transaction.

6. Magic Champ II Pro

The round-the-clock advisor-scalper, as a rule, allows you to close deals with a small profit of 10-15 points. The program is quite large and complex, the algorithm of bidding is not disclosed.

We recommend the use of advisers, working with the best forex brokers in Russia, whose rating we published 26 /05/ 2015.

5. MoneyPrinter

During the bidding process, the program can use 4 different strategies. Profitability in the tests ranges from 2.5 to 8%.The recommended pairs for working with the advisor are EUR-USD and GBP-USD.

4. ForexHacked 2.5

The advisor uses Martingale's strategy in trading, which allows him to make good profits in a short time. With optimal settings, the Expert Advisor in the tests shows results close to 100%.

3. Bulldozer Lock v1.3

Opens the top 3 best advisors, an automatic trading system that has a flexible set of settings, is intuitive and easy to use. The robot is written on the basis of the indicator trading strategy.

2. Progressor v 1.9

The robot allows round the clock trading on any instruments, flexible settings, the ability to determine the aggressiveness of trades. The adviser will approach both beginners and the most experienced investors and traders.

1. 2Sides v5.0b6

Tops the list, which included the best advisors of Forex , a program that has ample opportunities for setting up trades. Information from the open account shows a capital gain of + 208.55% for 5 months.