Top-10 results of Runet 2011

There are two weeks left till the end of this year, and it's time to sum up the development of the Internet in 2011.In general, each subsequent year in the Internet, brings more and more significant events and events, promising start-ups and failed ideas. Let's see the top 10 most significant events of the Runet in 2011.


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During the whole month, Russia was the leader among European countries in terms of the number of Internetusers. According to various sources, the audience of Runet in September 2011 was 51 to 60 million people.


The most expensive Internet company in Europe, based on IPO results, was the Russian search engine Yandex. The output of "Yandex" on the stock exchange, attracted investors' attention to the Russian Internet market.


Runet is the leader of online advertising among European countries and this market continues to grow rapidly.


Internet advertising in Russia at the moment is second only to television, but soon can bypass it.


In 2011, the growth rate of the mobile Internet in Russia exceeded all expectations. The number of users using mobile Internet has grown 2 times compared to last year and amounted to 21 million people.


Sales of mobile devices( smartphones, PDAs, tablets) increased by 11% in the country and continue to grow. Read: "Rating of the best mobile phones 2011"


Connection of remote regions and locations by wireless technologies has grown by 44% compared to last year.


President Medvedev spoke of the "decriminalization" of copyright infringement on the Internet, thereby initiating a review of legislation in this area.


About 25% of Russians view the Internet as the main source of information. On the second place in popularity is pastime in social networks.


The Internet commerce market in Russia according to experts' estimates in 2011 amounted to about 380 billion rubles. According to researchers, more than half of users pay for goods and services via the Internet.