Top 10 places in which the most dangerous predators live

Your attention is given to the list of the most dangerous places, because of the population in them of various predators. And you should stay away from them, if you want to return home safely and unharmed. Although. .. Who does not take risks, he does not drink champagne!

1. The first place is occupied by the park Manu in Peru, which contains impenetrable jungles, in which the cautious and fast jaguars live. So, in search of exotics, you can be someone's delicacy.
2. In second place is the coast of Young California, and the danger is a white shark in "good" intentions towards tourists you can be sure to immerse yourself in the iron cage directly to predators.
3. Completes the top three winners of the Kao-Sok Park in Thailand. Here, too, danger lurks in the jungle but not in the form of wild cats, but cunning and venomous snakes. Having visited this place you will find the largest population of royal cobras.
4. Next we will visit Zambia, namely the South Luangwa park with hippos. The most dangerous are young individuals, so do not look at their size, when they need they run very fast.
5. From overseas countries we will move to the closer edges. We are talking about Lake Baikal, which is located in Siberia.more specifically not about the lake, but about the inhabitants near. The local predator is a terrible gray wolf, known to us from childhood fairy tales.
6. And again in distant countries. We are waiting for another park with waiting dangers. I'm talking about crocodiles inhabiting the Kakadu park in Australia. Of course, they do not represent any danger, well, do not put a finger in their mouth, well, in that case, I'm sorry.
7. To increase adrenaline in the blood, spend the night on the Tanzanian plains and try to sleep peacefully under the growl of lions.
8. In Canada, it is possible to see the migration of polar bears, the danger is small, but the spectacle is magnificent.
9. Indian Ranthambhor Park will show you the tigers, those that in the old days were terrifying the locals.
10. And the ten inhabitants of the island of Komodo, who are called dragons, these doomed lizards are famous for their sharp teeth.