The rating of the largest salaries of presidents and heads of state

The issue of salaries of top government officials is not only worrying for Russians. The French newspaper Echos on November 15 published research data of the international center Statista, devoted to this highly interesting topic. Here is the rating of the heads of state with the largest salaries in the world.


  • 10. Matteo Renzi( Italy)
  • 9. Vladimir Putin( Russia)
  • 8. Francois Hollande( France)
  • 7. Tayyip Erdogan( Turkey)
  • 6. Shinzo Abe( Japan)
  • 5. Teresa May( England))
  • 4. Jacob Zuma( South Africa)
  • 3. Angela Merkel( Germany)
  • 2. Justin Trudeau( Canada)
  • 1. Barack Obama( USA)

10. Matteo Renzi( Italy)

Salary of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Italy among the world leadersis not very large - every year he receives a modest $ 125,000.Despite the fact that the Rentsi government has announced a course to reduce administrative costs, Matteo himself does not hesitate to use state aircraft for trips to ski resorts. The contrast is particularly striking in comparison with the behavior of the newly elected President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, who prefers to travel by public transport( and even drives a tram).

9. Vladimir Putin( Russia)

The salary of the president of the Russian Federation in 2016 by world standards is not that big - only $ 136,000.Before the crisis of 2014-2015, it was more than 10%, but Vladimir Vladimirovich decided to cut it - apparently, in order to solidarity with the Russian workers.

8. Francois Hollande( France)

On a modest eighth place France was bent - Francois's salary for the year is 194 000 dollars. She would have been more, but Olland decided to cut his own salary by a third, thus celebrating his entry into presidential office. A good example for officials.

7. Tayyip Erdogan( Turkey)

Erdogan's armchair, though staggering under it during the attempted coup d'├ętat in 2016, has withstood. Therefore, he will continue to receive his 197,000 dollars each year.

6. Shinzo Abe( Japan)

The youngest prime minister in the history of Japan leads the country along a path of very peculiar economic reforms, for his uniqueness even called "abenomics."For this he receives a salary of 203,000 dollars a year.

5. Teresa Mei( England)

The second woman in the history of the UK as head of state, who took office recently - in July 2016, when worried by the results of Brexit's then Prime Minister David Cameron decided to shake off the ashes of this ungrateful country from his feet. The salary of Teresa is currently $ 215,000.I wonder if she will be able to keep it against the background of the effects of Brexit and the possible independence of Scotland?

4. Jacob Zuma( South Africa)

The only African country in the ranking is the fourth largest salary of its president - Jacob annually earns $ 223,000.And his expenses are big - after all, the president has neither more nor less than 8 wives( but only 5 of them are official) and 18 children.

3. Angela Merkel( Germany)

The country, which is in the top 10 European countries in terms of wealth( and taking sixth place there), can afford to pay its leader properly. Salary Angels is 234 000 dollars.

2. Justin Trudeau( Canada)

The Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, took the second place. Canada, although geographically close to the United States, but there is a lower pipe, and the smoke is softer. And the Canadian president gets almost twice less than his American colleague - only $ 260,000.

1. Barack Obama( USA)

And the leader of the presidential salary rating was Barack Obama - it turned out that the first African American president manages the US treasury every year at $ 400,000.By the way, his successor, Donald Trump, said that he intends to receive a purely symbolic salary - 1 dollar. However, Donald can afford such a broad gesture. Its condition for November 2016 totals 3.7 billion dollars. Against this backdrop, $ 400,000 of President Obama's salary looks, of course, pale.