The highest paid celebrity deaths, the Forbes 2016 rating

The words that death is not yet the end of the magazine Forbes, published its list of celebrities who continue to earn millions of dollars and after his death. When a star dies, its popularity does not disappear. All films, albums, books and images remain forever, preserving the memory of the star and providing a piece of bread with a thick layer of oil to her heirs and successors.

Here they are, rich and dead, who entered the top-10 of the highest-paid celebrity deaths of the 2016 .


  • 10. Betty Page
  • 9. Albert Einstein
  • 8. John Lennon
  • 7. Theodore Geisel, also "Dr. Seuss"
  • 6. Bob Marley
  • 5. Prince
  • 4. Elvis Presley
  • 3. Arnold Palmer
  • 2. Charles Schultz
  • 1. Michael Jackson

10. Betty Page

The annual income is 11 million dollars.

The charming pin-up model died in 2008, and its name still brings millions of dollars a year, mostly from the sale of clothing line Bettie Page, including dresses in the style of the 50's, swimwear and underwear.

9. Albert Einstein

The annual income is 11.5 million dollars.

The only scientist on the list of the richest dead celebrities. Albert Einstein lived from 1879 to 1955.In 2015, his income, the rights to which belong to the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, amounted to more than 11 million from the sale of goods, including mugs, posters and dolls.

8. John Lennon

The annual income is 12 million dollars.

35 years have passed since the cult band member The Beatles was killed by four bullets in the back, but his songs still sound and bring significant profits to the rights holders.

7. Theodore Geisel, also Doctor Seuss

The annual income is 20 million dollars.

This children's writer from the United States, who died in 1991, gave the world such books as "Green eggs and ham", "Cat in a hat" and "Places where you go."They are very popular with young Americans.

6. Bob Marley

The annual income is 21 million dollars.

The pre-death words of Bob Marley, reportedly sounded like this: "money can not buy life."But they can be earned even after death due to deductions from the sale of music and income from the "patrimonial estate" of the reggae king. It is located near the city of Ocho Rios( Jamaica).Near the estate there are cannabis plantations, where tourists can arrange a paid excursion.

5. Prince

The annual income is 25 million dollars.

Possession of Prince( and at the same time his recording studio) Paisley Park has recently opened its doors to the public. Wishing to see where the famous singer and composer lived and recorded his songs, they must pay from 38.50 to 100 dollars for the tour. And his albums will long be popular with connoisseurs of rhythm and blues, rock and avant-garde.

4. Elvis Presley

The annual income is 27 million dollars.

Elvis left the building in 1977 at the age of 42, but is still rowing money with a shovel, as fans of the "king" flock to his former home and Graceland vacation spot and buy albums.

3. Arnold Palmer

The annual income is 40 million dollars.

The legendary golfer, who died in 2016 at the age of 87, is included in the rating of the richest dead stars at number three, although it is obvious that most of his 40 million fortune was obtained while Palmer was still alive.

2. Charles Schultz

Annual income - 48 million dollars.

Best known as the creator of the Peanuts comic book. This daily comic book was published from 1950 to 2000( until the author's death) and totals 17,897 issues. Even if you are not familiar with this comic, you may have seen pictures of Snoopy, a cute dog, one of the heroes of Peanuts.

1. Michael Jackson

The annual income is 825 million dollars.

Despite the fact that nine years have passed since the death of the King of Pop, his name continues to make a profit. His heirs sold the Japanese corporation Sony a 50% stake in the music publishing company Sony / ATV Music Publishing. He owns the rights to thousands of musical compositions, including the songs of The Beatles. The deal cost Sony 750 million dollars. Jackson acquired the rights to the music of the Liverpool Four in 1984 for $ 47.5 million, and then sold 50 percent of Sony in 1995 for $ 115 million.