Rating of countries by living standards

Who in the world lives best? It turns out that this issue is of interest not only to us and you. The International Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is engaged in the annual calculation of the living standards of different countries.

According to their data, the rating of the happiest places on our planet is as follows:


  • 10. Luxembourg
  • 9. New Zealand
  • 8. Netherlands
  • 7. Switzerland
  • 6. Canada
  • 5. Denmark
  • 4. Sweden
  • 3.USA
  • 2. Norway
  • 1. Australia

10. Luxembourg

Despite the relatively low level of employment( 65%), the Grand Duchy is one of the richest countries. Despite the world crisis, which hit the country, the average income of the population remained solid - $ 52,110.The presence of an offshore zone in the capital, a stable real estate market and mines, allows the population of the country to have a decent standard of living.

9. New Zealand

The most peaceful and not corrupt country in the world has one of the strongest economies. As a consequence - a high rate of employment( 72%) and overall satisfaction with life. The latter is 7.9 points according to the OECD rating with an average score of 6.7.The main income for the state is export and tourism.

8. Netherlands

Another of the Benelux countries climbed to the top of the favorites. The Western European leader in the extraction and export of gas managed to create jobs for 75% of its citizens. As a result, impressive personal incomes( $ 45,671) and a general standard of living( 9 points for the OECD).The country has many highly qualified specialists and provides a high level of minimum wage.

7. Switzerland

This country more than compensates for the almost complete absence of fossils with the status of a global financial center. There is a very developed service industry. It employs almost 70% of the working population. Reliable social protection and stable economic situation allow the Swiss to be satisfied with their standard of living( 9 points).

6. Canada

One of the most affordable countries for migration could save employment at 72%.The unique healthcare system and social programs allowed the state to occupy a high place in the OECD rating. The average income of Canadians' households is $ 27,138.

5. Denmark

High wages reduce the competitiveness of the economy of this country. But ordinary Danes are quite happy with their incomes( $ 42,904).This is evidenced by their assessment of the standard of living( 10 points).It is noteworthy that living in Denmark is the most costly. So, housing costs are 26%.

4. Sweden

The Swedish receipts are slightly lower than the European ones( $ 36,766).However, here, according to the OECD, the highest taxation. But good social programs, in particular, educational, general employment( 73%) guarantee stability for the people of this country.

3. US

One of the most economically developed countries in the world has a fairly high unemployment rate. This is due to the fact that many jobs were taken outside the United States. Despite the fact that only 67% have earnings, the average income level is $ 52,607.And there are not too many people happy with their life( 7.6 points according to the OECD assessment).

2. Norway

Almost 80,000 Norwegians work in oil and gas production facilities. This work is mostly low-skilled, however, it is well paid. As a result, the high level of household incomes is $ 30,465.At the same time, housing costs are relatively low - 19%.

1. Australia

The highest standard of living of was demonstrated by Australia. The country emerged from the crisis of 2008-11 with minimal losses.72% of the population of working age are employed in industry and in the service sector. This brings them an average of $ 41,904.Meanwhile, their own assessment of the standard of living is not great: 7.4 points.

This rating was compiled taking into account 11 parameters, including the development of the social sphere, security, general income level and a number of other indicators.

I must say that the standard of living of Russians was far from the first positions in the rating, the average index of quality of life in Russia was 5.3 points.