Rating of the governors of Russia for 2016, full list

Is it efficient for Russian officials to carry out their work, especially those who hold key posts in the state apparatus? The Center "Rating" tries to answer this question, which compiled the rating of governors for 2016. The full list consists of 85 names, first we will dwell in more detail on ten most effective heads of regions.

It can be said that the interested political situation in the country this year was lucky - in 2015, studies of the "Rating" were not available to the broad masses. The current study is based on the evaluation of representatives of the expert community through face-to-face and correspondence surveys and the completion of questionnaires. It is interesting that the number of experts this time included both political scientists and economists, as well as specialists in various fields.


  • 10. Khamitov Rustem Zakievich, Republic of Bashkortostan
  • 9. Gordeev Alexey Vasilyevich, Voronezh Region
  • 8. Kondratyev Veniamin Ivanovich, Krasnodar Territory
  • 7. Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich, Chechen Republic
  • 6. Poltavchenko Georgiy Sergeevich, St. Petersburg
  • 5. Dmitriy Kobylkin, YaNAO
  • 4. Drozdenko Alexander, Leningrad region
  • 3. Minnikhanov Rustam Nurgaliyevich, Republic of Tatarstan
  • 2. Yakushev Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tyumen region
  • 1. Sobyanin SergeySemenovich, Moscow
  • Full list( Table)

10. Khamitov Rustem Zakievich, Republic of Bashkortostan

The tenth place in the ranking table of governors in 2016 is occupied by the Governor of Bashkortostan. According to him, the republic shows steady growth - last year industrial production grew by 2%, and agriculture - by 1%.Some doubts about the effectiveness of Rustem Zakievich's management in his subordinate area can be caused by the growing budget deficit in the region. The governor himself explains this by the fact that Bashkortostan transfers to the federal budget more than it receives.

9. Gordeev Alexey, Voronezh region

It seems that the measure of Gordeev's effectiveness from the point of view of experts of the "National Rating" is that he successfully manages to cope with corruption scandals that regularly arise in the field. As for his managerial talents, he even asked at the end of November to allocate anti-crisis funds to pay off debts to agrarians on investment loans. So, it makes you happy about the people.

8. Kondratiev Veniamin Ivanovich, Krasnodar Territory

Recently appointed to the post of governor Kondratiev had to face opposition from local elites, especially in the issue of raider seizures of the land of local village workers by large agroholdings. The "march to Moscow" of the indignant tractor drivers was abolished, and the elite were slowly being pushed out of their homes.

7. Kadirov Ramzan Akhmatovich, Chechen Republic

In the full list of the governors' ranking for 2016 Ramzan Akhmatovich managed to enter the top-10, however, by the level of openness, he certainly is worthy of the first issue. He registered an account in the social network VKontakte, as well as Instagram, where residents of Chechnya are in full communion with their governor.

6. Georgy S. Poltavchenko, St. Petersburg

Positions Poltavchenko in the ranking of the governors of Russia in 2016 knocked down the protracted comedy with the construction of the Zenith Arena( another name is Gazprom Arena, it is also the Krestovsky stadium). They built and built, finally, completed - in late December 2016 was solemnly announced the signing of the act of putting the stadium into operation.

5. Dmitriy Kobylkin, YaNAO

In the middle of the top ten ranking of governors is Dmitry Kobylkin, head of one of the most important regions for the energy industry in Russia. Its management is not cloudless. However, against the backdrop of the launch of the Gate of the Arctic and the planned construction of a new railway branch, complaints from shift workers that they are being delayed by wages, as well as unsuitable drinking water and fires in the housing stock( often so much that rumors of arsons), look insignificant.

4. Drozdenko Alexander Y., Leningrad region

85 Nagovicyn Vyacheslav Buryatia
84 Khudilainen Aleksandr Petrovich Karelia
83 KARLIN Alexander Bogdanovich Altai region
82 Tkhakushinov Aslancheriy Kitovich Republic of Adygea
81 Levintal Alexander Jewish Autonomous Region
80 Turchak Andrew A. Pskov region
79 Berdnikov Alexander Altai Republic
78 KOVTUN Marina Vasilyevna Murmansk region
77 KOKORIN Alexey Gennadievich Kurgan region
76 Bitar Vyacheslav Zelimhanovich Republic of North Ossetia-Alania
75 Kovalev Oleg Ryazan region
74 Orlov Igor Arkhangelsk region
73 ZHDANOVA Natalia Trans-Baikal Territory
72 Levchenko Sergey G. Irkutsk region
71 Orlov Alexey Maratovich Kalmykia
70 Merkushin NikolaiIvanovich Samara region
69 ZIMIN Viktor Mikhailovich The Republic of Khakassia
68 KOZLOV Alexander Alexandrovich Amur region
67 RADA Valeriy Saratov region
66 Dubrovsky Boris Chelyabinsk region
65 Vasiliev Igor Vladimirovich Kirov region
64 Boris Yegorov Afanasievich Republic of Sakha( Yakutia)
63 Gorodetsky Vladimir F. Novosibirsk region
62 Kuyvashev Evgeny Sverdlovsk region
61 Tuleyev Aman Gumirovich Kemerovo region
60 BOCHAROV Andrey Ivanovich Volgograd region
59 Shantsev Waery Pavlinovich Nizhny Novgorod region
58 OVSYANNIKOV Dmitry Sevastopol
57 Kara-ool Sholban V. Tuva Republic
56 ZHILKIN Alexander Astrakhan region
55 Solovyov Alexander Udmurtia
54 Mikhailov Alexander Kursk region
53 POTOMSKY Vadim Vladimirovich Orel region
52 AlihanovAnton Andreevich Kaliningrad Region
51 Zhvachkin Sergey Tomsk region
50 Ruden Igor Tver region
49 Korolev Oleg Petrovich Lipetsk region
48 Tolokonskaya Viktor Krasnoyarsk
47 Bogomazov Alexander Bryansk region
46 Kuvshinnikov Oleg Vologda region
45 Miklushevsky Vladimir Vladimirovich Primor
44 SITNIKOV Sergey Konstantinovich Kostroma Region
43 NAZAROV Viktor Ivanovich Omsk Region
42 cooks Yuri Alexandrovich Kabardino-Balkar Republic
41 Belozertsev Ivan Penza region
40 MARKELOV Leonid I. Republic of Mari El
39 BERG Yuri Alexandrovich Orenburg region
38 skating Pavel Ivanovo region
37 ABDULATIPOV Ramadan Gadzhimuradovich Dagestan
36 Ostrovsky Alexey Smolensk region
35 KOPIN Roman Valentinovich Chukotka Autonomous District
34 VOROBYOV Andrey Yurievich Moscow region
33 Gaplikov Sergey Komi
32 Rashid Temrezov Karachay-Cherkess Republic
31 Nikitin Alexander V. Tambov region
30 Morozov Sergey Ivanovich Ulyanovsk region
29 Yevkurov Yunus-Bek Bamatgireevich Ingushetia
28 Mitin Sergey Gerasimov Novgorod region
27 AKSYONOV Sergey Valerievich Republic of Crimea
26 MIRONOV Dmitry Y. Yaroslavl Region
25 PECHEVNY VladimirPetrovich Magadan region
24 Volkov Vladimir Dmitrievich Mordovia
23 Basargin Viktor Fedorovich Perm
22 Orlova Svetlana Vladimir region
20 Koshin Igor Nenets Autonomous Okrug
19 Kozhemyako Oleg Sakhalin region
18 Vladimirov Vladimir Vladimirovich Stavropol Territory
17 Dyumin Alexey G. Tula region
16 Ignatiev Mikhail Chuvash Republic
15 Golubev, Vasily Yurevich Rostov region
14 Shport Vyacheslav Harabov
13 Ilyukhin Vladimir Kamchatka region
12 Artamonov Anatoly Dmitrievich Kaluga region
11 Savchenko Evgeniy Stepanovich Belgorod region
10 HAMITOV Rustem Zakievich Republic of Bashkortostan
9 GORDEYEV Alexey Vasilyevich Voronezh region
8 KONDRATIEV Veniamin Ivanovich Krasnodar region
7 Kadyrov Ramzan Akhmatovich Chechnya
6 POLTAVCHENKO George S. St. Petersburg
5 Kobylkin Dmitri YANAO
4 Drozdenko Alexander Y. Leningrad region
3 Rustam Minnikhanov Tatarstan
2 YAKUSHEV Vladimir Vladimirovich Tyumen region
1 SOBYANINSergey Semenovich Moscow
Rating Governor Subject of Russia

Experts of the "National Rating" highly appreciated the stability in which the Leningrad Region is already a year old."United Russia" continues to win elections, and the governor strengthened his positions in political spheres. The general good picture is somewhat disturbed by rumors that soon Alexander Yuryevich will have to change the field of activity. However, this appointment will take place or not, no one knows.

3. Minnikhanov Rustam Nurgaliyevich, Republic of Tatarstan

The past year was full for the head of Tatarstan - he was on a visit to the USA( where he informed local Tatar women that the network of Baketle's grocery stores is only for lazy people) and in Cambodia, which, according to Minnikhanov, it is necessary to establish a turnover. Also in December 2016, he protested against the reduction of federal subsidies, condemning them in a rather harsh manner.

2. Yakushev Vladimir Vladimirovich, Tyumen region

The second position in the rating of governors of 2016 is the head of the Tyumen region, holding this post since 2005.According to statistics, over the past 11 years, the economy of the region has doubled, and the volume of attracted investments has increased by 1.7 times compared to the previous year. The popularity of the region and the governor was further enhanced by the Delphic Games held in Tyumen.

1. Sobyanin Sergey Semenovich, Moscow

Despite some ambiguous decisions taken by Sergei last year( for example, "the night of long ladles" or the summer flood in his subordinate city), the activities of the Moscow governor were evaluated highly, which allowed him to take the first linein the governor's chart. Perhaps Sobyanin's leadership in the ranking of governors for 2016 is also due to the fact that in the case of cities of federal significance, experts base their assessment mainly on the situation in the political sphere. And the effectiveness of city management as such is receding into the background. Do agree with this Muscovites - is unknown.

Full list( Table)