The richest women in Russia

More recently, Forbes published a list of the richest wives of Russian parliamentarians. And so, the new rating, which included the of Russia's richest women , did not take long. This time, experts analyzed the income from their own business activities of beautiful ladies.

We offer a look at the top ten ranking of the richest Russians. Each of them has its own source of profit - real estate, freight, IT, insurance or the real sector of the economy.


  • 10. Tatiana Bakalchuk( $ 155 million)
  • 9. Love of Hoba( $ 175 million)
  • 7-8.Nadezhda Martyanova( $ 180 million)
  • 7-8.Natalia Fileva( $ 180 million)
  • 6. Guzelia Safina( $ 210 million)
  • 5. Natalya Kaspersky( $ 220 million)
  • 4. Muslim Latypova( $ 300 million)
  • 3. Olga Belyavtseva( $ 400 million)
  • 2.Natalia Lutsenko( $ 550 million)
  • 1. Elena Baturina( $ 1.1 billion)

10. Tatiana Bakalchuk( $ 155 million)

Tatiana is the founder and co-owner of Russia's largest online clothing and accessories store She started her business with the delivery of clothing from Germany, parceling the parcels in her own apartment. Today, the store sells more than a hundred different brands.

9. Love Hoba( $ 175 million)

Hoba is the chief accountant and former vice-president of NK "Lukoil".Lyubov is a candidate of economic sciences and holder of the title of Honored Economist of the Russian Federation. In Lukoil, it has been operating since 1993.

7-8.Nadezhda Martyanova( $ 180 million)

The General Director of Moscow Joint Stock Insurance Company is also a member of the presidium of the All-Russian Union of Insurers, as well as the chairman of the Committee on Social Insurance.

7-8.Natalia Fileva( $ 180 million)

Fileva is a shareholder and first deputy general director for finance, economics and commercial work for Siberia Airlines( S7 Airlines).The company is headed by Natalia's husband Vladislav Filev.

6. Guzelia Safina( $ 210 million)

Guzelia is a shareholder and Deputy General Director for Economics and Finance of the company "Taif".This oil company, according to Forbes experts, is the largest among non-public companies in Russia.

5. Natalia Kaspersky( $ 220 million)

Natalia is the general director of IT-company InfoWatch, one of the leaders in the market of corporate information security systems. About 15 years before June 2011, Kaspersky was the head of Kaspersky Lab's company.

4. Muslima Latypova( $ 300 million)

Muslima - the general director of the retail company "Bahetle".Latypova - the owner of the medal of the Order "Glory of Russia", the winner of all-Russian competitions "Manager of the Year" and "Man of Trade."

3. Olga Belyavtseva( $ 400 million)

Olga has earned the greater part of her capital by selling shares of the Lebedyansky plant to PepsiCo corporation. Today Belyavtseva is a member of the Board of Directors of Progress Capital, which produces baby food "FrutoNyanya", "Babies" and water "Lipetsk Pump".

2. Natalia Lutsenko( $ 550 million)

Natalia Lutsenko's income brings Sodruzhestvo, the largest soybean supplier in the Russian market and a producer of various vegetable oils. Natalia started her own business in 1994 with her husband.

1. Elena Baturina( $ 1.1 billion)

Spouse of the ex-mayor of Moscow, the richest woman in Russia. She lives now in London and does not intend to conduct business in Russia. The main income of Baturina is brought by the Inteco Management corporation, which carries out investment activities and real estate transactions.