Rating of the best car navigators of 2016

The navigator on the road is a necessary thing: it helps the driver to navigate the terrain, build the optimal route from point A to point B, taking into account traffic jams, and also show the house number and tell you exactly where to drive on a difficult road junction. The best navigator for the car 2016 for Russia can be chosen based on the users' opinions of the Yandex. Market website.


  • 10. Prology Imap-5600
  • 9. Mystery MNS-560MP
  • 8. Mystery MNS-420MP
  • 7. Explay ND-41
  • 6. Prology Imap-507A
  • 5. LEXAND SA5
  • 4. LEXAND SA5 HD
  • 3. LEXAND STR-5350
  • 2. LEXAND SA5 +
  • 1. Prology Imap-520Ti

10. Prology Imap-5600

Average price: 5 300 rubles.

Opens the rating of navigators for the 2016 car Prology iMap-5600.This model pleases with build quality, high-speed operation, stable GPS-signal and a five-inch screen with adjustable brightness. Cards do not need to be bought separately, they are already in the device memory;update free licensed Navitel. There are additional bonuses like the possibility of watching videos and games.

Less: with the default mounting, the device itself may vibrate slightly. He likes to make a route along the backyard and gullies, which is not always convenient with poor knowledge of the terrain.

9. Mystery MNS-560MP

Average price: 10 500 rubles.

Mystery MNS-560MP not only performs its direct functions, and performs them quickly and well, but also has a built-in TV tuner - an indispensable option in the waiting period. The device routes the route strictly along existing roads, and does not lead a driver to a labyrinth of alleys or a dark forest.

The only negative is the price.

8. Mystery MNS-420MP

Average price: 6 100 rubles

Simple and good navigator for the car. Excellent copes with the tasks - reads maps and paves the routes.

Cons: sometimes podtormazhivaet if the connection with the satellite is bad.

7. Explay ND-41

Average price: 5 200 rubles.

Explay ND-41 is characterized by good build quality and a good mounting on the glass. Quite fast cold start, confidently catches the signal from the satellite in any weather.

6. Prology Imap-507A

Average price: 4 000 rubles.

Judging by the feedback of users, the distinctive quality of this model of GPS navigator is exceptionally fast work. Quickly catches satellites( even indoors), quickly traces the route. On the five-inch screen, all the notation is perfectly visible.

Cons: the sound quality is lame, but by manipulating the car's audio system it can be made acceptable.


The average is offered for 4 700 rubles.

Simple and reliable device at an affordable price, got in the rating of navigators for the car 2016. It does not lag, it works quickly and efficiently, the route leads without delays. The image on the display is clear and legible, it can be clearly seen at different angles of the device. Conveniently, the model has its own battery - after all, the cigarette lighter may be needed for other purposes. There is own memory of 4 GB, supports flash memory up to 32 GB.

Why is not this the best navigator? The battery life is an hour or a half.


Now the model LEXAND SA5 has its own HD screen - the resolution is no longer standard 480 at 272, and 800 at 400 pixels.

3. LEXAND STR-5350

Average price: 6 500 rubles.

The third place in the ranking, among the best navigators of 2016 for the car, according to users' reviews, is LEXAND STR-5350.Reliable build quality, fast operation, supports Windows and the installation of additional programs and maps. The screen is clear and legible enough that the user will be tempted to use it in addition to the car - as a reader or as a player for movies.

Less: in the player mode, the battery discharges quickly enough.


Average price: 5 000 rubles.

Another model from the beloved Russian users, the best LEXAND series - SA5.From other versions it is distinguished by the presence of bluetooth and the possibility of listening to the radio.

Minus: the screen has a very low sensitivity. Before you start, it's best to do the calibration or use the stylus.

1. Prology Imap-520Ti

Average price: 3 800 rubles.

Top navigators 2016 led the cheapest model. Despite the low price, Prology iMap-520Ti performs its functions better than others: it constantly keeps up to 10 satellites and has high routing accuracy. On the big screen all signs are clearly visible.