TOP-5 من أشهر الرياضات في العالم

In conditions of deteriorating ecology and unnatural game, more people are starting to play sports. As a rule, mass sports become those that do not require special and expensive equipment. The most popular sports of are defined as a percentage of all sports in 200 countries.


  • 5. Cycling
  • 4. Yoga
  • 3. Swimming
  • 2. Soccer
  • 1. Athletics( running, walking)

5. Cycling

The first bicycles in history appeared in the beginning of the XIX century,first athletes. In 1989, the first competitions took place, which ensured the subsequent popularity of the sport. Today 6.4% of all sportsmen are engaged in individual types of cycling. The benefits of exercising on a bicycle are obvious: strengthening the muscles of the legs, improving the performance of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

4. Yoga

People practiced yoga in ancient times( X century BC).However, it has acquired a real and universal popularity quite recently. Now adults, children and elderly people, men and women, representatives of all social strata are engaged in it, while everyone has their own reason for practicing yoga: preservation of the figure, meditation, self-development, education of certain traits. To date, 7.4% of all involved in sports are engaged.

3. Swimming

People for a few thousand years BC were able to swim, and their styles resembled a modern breaststroke and a crochet. To date, 8.1% of them are engaged in sports, which is explained by the huge health benefits from water sports, and the practical absence of injuries and contraindications. During the voyage huge groups of muscles are involved from all parts of the body, which provides intensive training, and swimming is an excellent way of hardening.

2. Football

Prototypes of football existed in antiquity, but the official date of birth of this game is 1848, when the rules of the game were written down. Today, football is played by 8.4% of athletes, and fans of this sport are more than a third of the world's population. During the game of football, oxygen consumption is increased three-fold, not to mention the development of muscles. Also, in addition to physical development, football helps to learn tactics, and many can not do monotonous exercises for a long time, and the game character of this sport provides sustained interest.

1. Athletics( running, walking)

Running was one of the competitions at the Olympic Games in Ancient Greece, besides it was used as exercises during physical training. Popularity of this sport was received from the revivals of the Olympic Games in 1896.Today 9.6% of all involved in various sports are engaged in running or walking. His popularity can be explained by the almost complete lack of restrictions on both health and capabilities( does not require equipment, weather conditions, material investment).At the same time, the benefit from it is colossal: it has a strong positive effect on the respiratory and cardiovascular systems( and this is today the main problems of society), prevents clogging of blood vessels, does not create unnecessary burden on the muscles.