Rating of the most beautiful in the world pop

That piquant part of the female body, which will be discussed in our today's rating invariably draws the attention of men. More than two thousand men took part in the voting, dedicated to the choice of that famous beauty, whose priest is the most attractive. We bring to your attention the rating of the best pop , compiled from the materials of the men's magazine ZOO.Of the 50 names on the list, we chose the top six.

6. Scarlett Johansson was on the sixth place in the rating, capturing the ZOO audience with its seductive forms. The appearance of her beloved actress Woody Allen greatly contributes to the success of films with her participation.5. Caitlin Wynters. This British fashion model has already flaunted on the cover of ZOO.The star of men's magazines looks incredibly tempting. And, not only when looking from behind. Among the models ZOO Kaitlin is very popular.

4. Pixie Lott is a young English singer, actress and dancer. It is correctly said that the occupation of choreography positively affects the bends of the female figure, and the most beautiful priests of belong to girls who are seriously keen on dancing. In any case, up to three leaders of the rating Pixy did not reach very little.

3. Gina Mullins is a miniature English fashion model that weighs in at 49 kg and has very mouth-watering shapes. Beauty, which opens the top three of the rating, adores summer, pineapples and dogs. And it, in turn, is adored by millions of men all over the planet.

2. Rihanna. The Barbadian and American singer R & B, an actress and fashion designer, is famous not only for her voice, but also for the exciting forms that she displays with pleasure in her own clips. Rihanna easily left behind the most seductive models.

1. Kim Kardashian heads the hit parade of beautiful forms. This year priests celebrities rating unpredictable. Surprisingly, rather modest positions among such figure-skaters as Jay Law and Shakira, not included in the top ten. But the victory of the dizzy TV star Kim was quite predictable. It was for her that the overwhelming majority of men voted.

After seeing the charms of the participants of the rating, you will not be surprised that photos of pop celebrities search the Internet search engines every day at the request of millions of users.