Rating of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day

February 14 is coming - a holiday that we are so used to celebrating over the last decade that we no longer think about its foreign origin. Increasingly, even the most skeptical about the "foreign" trends in the Russians on Valentine's Day, give special attention to the second half. The rating of the most popular gifts for Valentine's Day is made on the basis of the opinions of both donors and gifted ones, as well as sellers of various retail outlets.

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5. Flowers - one of the unconditional hits among the gifts. Naturally, in the vast majority of cases, men act as donors. Especially popular are red roses - the famous symbol of ardent love. Although in recent years, expensive and exquisite bouquets with orchids are in high demand.

4. Sweets on Valentine's Day are presented not only to girls. Men tend to get their own gifts from their loved ones - cookies, cupcakes and heart shaped pies. Themselves representatives of the strong half often rush to pamper an expensive half with a box of sweets or other sweets, decorated in a "hearty" style.

3. Jewelry - the most expensive present from among the popular ones. And, nevertheless, on the eve of Valentine's Day, the demand for rings, as well as pendants in the form of hearts, sharply increases worldwide. A holiday is often used to make an offer of hands and hearts, hence the special demand for rings. Men, though not so often, also receive jewelry as a gift-cufflinks, clamps for bills and tie pins.

2. The Romanian dinner is a very popular gift option, which can be performed in a variety of variations. It can be a surprise dinner or a long-planned event. Many couples spend a romantic meal at home in the light of candles, but no fewer lovers book a table for two at a restaurant in advance.

1. A valentine's card is a gift №1 to the Day of Lovers. Millions and millions of paper hearts produce printing plants around the world by February. Creative lovers often make valentines with their own hands. But even with the purchase of a finished postcard, most donors decorate the gift with a pair of their own written lines.