Top 5 most notorious scandals with Donald Trump

In the history of American politics there are few presidential candidates as controversial as Donald Trump. A businessman-billionaire and a candidate from the Republican Party is known for his shocking statements, in particular, against Mexicans and Muslims. But, at least, he is not as openly corrupt as Hillary Clinton.

Here top-5 scandalous facts about Donald Trump , which is not the first month of the press.


  • 5. Discovery of the False University
  • 4. Scams with charity
  • 3. Use of illegal immigrants
  • 2. Accusations in the racism of
  • 1. Sympathy for Vladimir Putin

5. Opening of the false

University The organization called "Trump University"- a classic bait for simpletons. All classes were targeted at students who signed up for expensive seminars( up to $ 35,000), where they "study Trump's personal business practices."At the same time, those who joined the program reported that they did not learn anything new except the general methods and never personally met with Trump. In connection with the activities of the University on Trump even started a case of fraud. The suit in 2013 was filed by the New York City Prosecutor's Office. The case was closed, but in 2016, its production resumed.

4. Scams with charity

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is an example of unusual charity. The money that he spends does not always go to good ends. Trump used to use his means to buy expensive gifts for his beloved.

In one case, he spent 20,000 thousand dollars from the fund to buy a two-meter picture with his own image. And all right, if only Trump's own money went to the fund. However, the fund is financed exclusively by other benefactors.

3. Use of illegal immigrants

One of Trump's campaign promises is the deportation of illegal immigrants. Nevertheless, in the 1980s he deliberately used illegal Polish workers to build the Trump Tower.

Sam candidate for Republicans in the US presidential election in 2016 denies this. But there are several witnesses, including the FBI informant who testified under oath that Trump knew that illegal immigrants were working at his construction site. They claim that he forced them to work seven days a week, without issuing security means and repeatedly refused to pay even the insignificant $ 5 per hour that he initially promised.

2. Accusations of racism

Another dark side of Trump's life: for 40 years his name has been associated with scandals of a racist nature.

In 1973, the Ministry of Justice sued Trump and his father for denying housing to African Americans. Although Trump never admitted his guilt, he was forced to sign an agreement that he would not discriminate against black people in the future.

One of the former employees of the Trump casino said that when the owner came to the institution, all black workers were hiding, since the billionaire could not stand the kind of representatives of the Negroid race. It was back in the 80s, but hardly the attitude of Donald to the dark-skinned changed radically.

And in 1989, Trump publicly called for the execution of four black teenagers suspected of raping a white woman in Central Park. All four were later found not guilty.

1. Sympathy for Vladimir Putin

The main scandalous story associated with Donald Trump is his good disposition toward Russia, which is not noticed by the current US president. Many American voters are surprised or even angry at the fact that Trump is well treated by the Russian president. He praises Vladimir Putin as a "strong leader", hinting that it would be nice for Obama to be like him. In addition, Trump urged the Kremlin to crack the email of Hillary Clinton.