Top 10 red beauties of Hollywood

Hollywood is the dream of many. How many examples of style, beauty, grace and charm this magic dream factory creates.

Who wants hotter? The color of passion, openness, freedom is undoubtedly red! In different epochs the attitude towards the children of the sun changed. They were deified, they were burned at the stake. But at all times riveted to his admiring glances! Who is the most-among the top-10 redheads of Hollywood ?Fateful fire lioness was not so much!


10. Angelica Bridges

  • 9. Lindsay Lohan
  • 8. Amy Adams
  • 7. Rose McGowan
  • 6.Marcia Cross
  • 5.Kate Winslet
  • 4.Juliana Moore
  • 3. Christina Hendricks
  • 2. Julia Roberts
  • FIRSTby right belongs to Nicole Kidman
  • 10. Angelika Bridges

    Sexy singer, with 14 years in the modeling business, the star of Hollywood police serials. And although the red is her artificial color, but how brightly he emphasizes the main virtues of Angelica. From year to year, many of the world's publications recognize her as the sexiest and most desired woman.

    9. Lindsay Lohan

    Recently, Lindsay Lohan, the author of songs, the model, the actress, the designer of clothes, the redhead is not often seen. She very quickly changes the color of her hair. But her red color is a gift of nature with a lot of freckles. And the character - the same restless, capricious and at the same time persistent.

    8. Amy Adams

    Another celebrity is an Oscar nominee for the film "The June Beetle", which does not change the red hair color from birth. This is a secular lioness, with impeccable marble skin and unconquerable character of a real zodiac lion. A searing mixture!

    7. Rose McGowan

    The Irish roots of Rose McGowan helped to play the image of Redhead Sonya so believably and brilliantly. Conquer Conon's heart, of course, could only have this sexy and tender diva with brown eyes. How wonderful it is in this role, in this image.

    6.Marsiya Cross

    Since childhood, dreaming of becoming an actress - today the star of the series "Desperate Housewives", a stunningly passionate, memorable person with bright red ringlets. The combination of an amazing sporty figure with a fiery head of hear produces the effect of a bomb exploding. Never and no one can forget this star, this unique image.

    5. Kate Winslet

    Naturalness, grace, talent, nobility. All this is about one owner of a natural reddish hue - Kate Winslet. The red hair color helps Kate magically attract attention, making her a special chic woman. No wonder she was awarded an Oscar.

    4.Juliana Moore

    The main and faithful fan of red hair, despite professional opportunities to try on all colors and shades. Exquisite American actress, winner of the "Oscar" Julian Moore appears in almost all the paintings with red curls. Always brilliant and irresistible.

    3. Christina Hendricks

    The actress of cinema and television, the most beautiful and sexy woman of the planet according to Esquire and Maxim magazine, the star of the series "Madmen".Always dreamed of being on stage. Red hair only helped when the dream came true. Although still surprised by its success.

    2. Julia Roberts

    After the publication of the legendary picture "Pretty Woman" Julia Roberts with a fiery red hairdo woke up famous. And it is in this way that she was remembered by millions of spectators, although she was born blonde. It was thanks to her that there was a "boom" of sunny red color!

    FIRST rightfully belongs to Nicole Kidman

    Red is the natural color of this stunning woman. And although in recent years, the Australian actress prefers only the image of a blonde, no one can forget how good she is and how the color of sun and love goes to her!