The smallest peoples of the world

Only 65 small nations live in Russia, and some of them do not exceed a thousand people. There are hundreds of such peoples on Earth, and everyone carefully preserves their customs, language and culture.

In our today's top ten are the smallest peoples of the world .



10. Guinuchi

  • 9. Selkups
  • 8. Nganasans
  • 7. Orochons
  • 6. Evenki
  • 5. Ketas
  • 4. Chumpmates
  • 3. Tazes
  • 2. Lives
  • 1. Pitcairn
  • 10. Guitars

    This littlepeople live on the territory of Dagestan, and its strength is only 443 people as of the end of 2010.For a long time, the Gnukhists were not singled out as a separate ethnos, since the Ginukh language was considered only one of the dialects of the Cesan language widespread in Dagestan.

    9. Selkups

    Until the 1930s representatives of this West Siberian people were called Ostyako-Samoyeds. The number of Selkups is just over 4 thousand people. They live mainly in the territory of Tyumen, Tomsk regions, as well as YaNAO

    8. Nganasany

    This people lives on the Taimyr peninsula, and its population is about 800 people. The Nganasans are the most northerly people in Eurasia. Until the middle of the 20th century, the people led a nomadic way of life, moving the herds of deer over great distances, today the Nganasans live a settled life.

    7. Orochons

    The residence of this small ethnic group is China and Mongolia. The population is about 7 thousand people. The history of the people is more than a thousand years old, orochons are mentioned in many documents relating to the early Chinese imperial dynasties.

    6. Evenki

    This indigenous people of Russia lives in Eastern Siberia. This people - the most numerous in our ten - its number is quite enough to populate a small town. Evenki in the world about 35 thousand people.

    5. Ketas

    Ket live in the north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. The number of this people is less than 1500 people. Until the middle of the twentieth century, representatives of the ethnos were called Ostyaks, as well as Yeniseys. Ket language belongs to the group of Yenisei languages.

    4. Chulymtsy

    The number of this indigenous people of Russia is 355 people as of 2010.Despite the fact that most of the Chulymians recognize Orthodoxy, the ethnos carefully preserves certain traditions of shamanism. The Chulymians live mainly in the Tomsk region. It is interesting that the Chulym language has no written language.

    3. Tazes

    The number of this people living in Primorye is only 276 people. The tongue of the hips is a mixture of one of the Chinese dialects with the Nanaian language. Now this language is spoken by less than half of those who refer themselves to the number of basins.

    2. Liv

    This extremely small people lives on the territory of Latvia. The main occupation of Livs from time immemorial was piracy, fishing and hunting. Today people are almost completely assimilated. According to official data, only 180 people remained.

    1. Pitcairns

    This people is the smallest in the world and lives on the small island of Pitcairn in Oceania. The number of Pitcairns is about 60 people. All of them are descendants of sailors of the British military ship "Bounty", landed here in 1790.Pitcairn's language is a mixture of simplified English, Tahitian and maritime vocabulary.