Top-5 best mascara

Rating for the beautiful half of humanity. Today I will help you to choose the best mascara, for this, read the rating of Top-5 best mascara. Today on the shelves you can find a huge variety of manufacturers and types of carcasses, from lengthening to imparting volume, from coloring to disconnecting, from black to eeee. .. green, gray, red, blue. .. in general different. And in order not to throw money away, it's important to choose the right and high-quality mascara. For this, read the five best carcasses for eyelashes:

5. The latest and worst of the presented carcasses was Sumptuous from Estee Lauder

Differing in a variety of colors. Mascara gives expressiveness, volume and density even to very rare eyelashes. It looks very luxurious due to different shades: Amber, emerald, pomegranate, sapphire, amethyst. The texture in the form of mousse has a balanced formula of gel, wax and many other elements. With this ink your look will be gorgeous! However, judging by the reviews this mascara is far from ideal compared to others, so only the fifth place!
4. The fourth line was taken by Turbolash from the same Estee Lauder.

The peculiarity of this carcass is that it has a mechanical drive and vibrates during the application, thereby better staining hard-to-reach eyelash sections while making them longer and thicker. The brush perfectly separates each cilium and twists it. TurboLash is able to dye eyelashes for you. These qualities allowed it to fit in the fourth position, among the of the best carcasses of .
3. The golden mean belongs to Telescopic Explosion from L'Oreal

Another mascara is distinguished by an unusual brush in the form of a sphere covered with small bristles. This kind of brush is easy to paint even small eyelashes. Apparently convenience put this mascara in the top five. She preferred a large number of women.
2. A step away from leadership in the rating Le 2 de Guerlain

The only mascara with two brushes at the moment. One for giving volume, the second for tinting roots and tips and giving a longer length. And all this without a single lump. This quality and ease of use was appreciated by many women, allowing carcasses to rise to second place.
1. The leader of the rating and the best ink for eyelashes was Lash Stiletto from Maybelline

. Not only women but also many fashion magazines marked it. A unique composition of vitamins, including B5 and silk proteins, strengthen the eyelashes, nourish them make it bulky, elongated, shiny and stained with a saturated color along the entire length. Persistent mascara, not showered and leaving no lumps, as well as staining even small cilia in the corners of the eyes. This is the leader today in the market for mascara.

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