Top 10 Best Gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is a time when people around the world carefully evaluate the cute gifts that they receive from their beloved. It is worth giving a useless or banal gift or, worse, forget about the gift altogether and the relationship can be spoiled for the rest of the year. In order to avoid such a development, we offer you the top top lovers gift for the day, from luxurious to budget options.


  • Top 5 Valentine's Day Gifts for Men
    • 5. Cordless Drill Screwdriver
    • 4. Razor with Bead Trimmer
    • 3. Quadrotor with
    • Camera 2. Tie with logo or personal monogram
    • 1. Sexy game "truth or action ยป
  • Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Women
    • 5. Gold Bracelet
    • 4. Search Keychain Tile Mate
    • 3. Candle with rose fragrance
    • 2. Heart-shaped umbrella
    • 1. Painting for drawing by numbers

Top-5 gifts for St. Valentine's Daytina for men

5. Cordless drill-driver

Price - from 2000 rubles

Who said that gifts for her husband or boyfriend for Valentine's Day should be soft and sweet? If your man likes to work with his hands not only in bed, but also around the house, he can get more benefit from a good electric tool than from a teddy bear or a box of chocolates. If a man is a car enthusiast and often encounters a lack of power, then it is advisable to choose a cordless drill. And if he likes to infuriate neighbors. .. that is, to drill concrete walls of a house, he will need a drill-punch. Do not save on the know-how, buy products of famous brands such as Bosh, Makita or Black & Decker. Before buying, check out the reviews on Yandex. Market. A nice bonus will be a case and attachments to the instrument.

4. Razor with trimmer for beard

Cost - from 1500 rubles

You can be smooth-shaven or prefer a style of a la Hagrid from "Harry Potter", but even in the second variant it is better to keep a beard in perfect condition. And this will help a good razor with a styler for the mustache and beard, for example, Philips Click & Style S738 / 17 - with 3 removable attachments, body trimmer, charge level indication and five length settings( from 1 mm to 5 mm).If this option does not suit you, choose the best electric shaver from our list.

3. Quadrocopter with camera

The price is from 4000 rubles

No matter how old your favorite person is, the ability to control a drone is sure to please his inner child. You can take a simple quadrocopter with HD 720p camera, flight time up to 10 minutes and range up to 120 meters, and you can have a better model with HD 1080p camera, range up to 150 meters. And there are very expensive, but also fantastically heaped models like DJI Phantom 4, with UHD 4K camera, flight time up to 28 minutes, range up to 5000 meters and built-in sonars to prevent collision with obstacles. Just do not buy drones with takeoff weight over 30 kg, because they need mandatory certification.

2. Necktie with logo or personal monogram

Price - starting from 1000 rubles

A good tie is a simple but stylish gift that a business person will appreciate. It is suitable for both office and corporate and for social events. And if there is a monogram on the necktie or a logo of the beloved company, then it becomes a personal gift, which the man will truly cherish.

1. Sexual game "truth or action"

Price - priceless

There will be several cards in the game( their number depends solely on your imagination "), each with a sensual" truth "on one side and a pleasant" action "on the other side. Formally, this is Valentine's Day gift for him, but you can enjoy it together.

Best Valentine's Day Gifts for Women

5. Gold Bracelet

Price - from 3000 rubles

This bracelet is elegant in its minimalistic appearance and can work together with any clothes. It is ideal for both a student and a business woman and even for a lady who prefers an informal style.

4. Search keychain Tile Mate

Price - from 1500 rubles

In the modern world it has become difficult to keep up with things and many women find it easier to forget about them. Tile Mate is a handy bluetooth tracker that will save your wife or girlfriend from losing important items such as keys, clutch or purse. It is enough to attach the key ring to the desired object and its location can be seen on the smartphone screen if necessary.

3. Candle with aroma of rose

Price - from 150 rubles

Instead of a classic bouquet of a dozen roses why not give your girlfriend something that will smell as nice, and while not wither and will not take up much space? A scented candle with its favorite aroma will perfectly fit into any interior, and the room will smell as if it has a whole bunch of beautiful flowers.

2. Heart-shaped umbrella

Price - from 950 rubles

If your lover often walks on foot or just wants to protect her impeccable hairstyle from the occasional mushroom rain, this cheerful gift will necessarily melt her heart. It is large enough to be able to hide underneath, without risking getting wet, and at the same time, light and durable. Even in a gloomy and gloomy weather, a person under such an umbrella will not go unnoticed and will cheer himself and others.

1. Painting for drawing on numbers

The price - from 400 rubles

An excellent gift if your woman prefers a measured pastime and loves painting. Such pictures a la "DIY" will not only brighten up the long winter evenings, but also make you feel like a real creator. A ready picture can be hung on a prominent place in the house and proudly show to friends.