Rating of the best cities in Russia in terms of living standards 2015

The Center for Strategic Studies of Rosgosstrakh annually publishes a list of Russian cities with the highest standard of living. The rating is made based on the survey of residents from 35 major cities in Russia. Respondents assess the quality of housing, medical care, transportation, education, roads and even the qualifications of local authorities.

Top-10 municipalities that have headed the rating of the best cities in Russia , we bring to your attention. It is noteworthy that 81% of those polled say that their towns are convenient for living.

  • Contents:
    • 10. Tomsk
    • 9. Voronezh
    • 8. St. Petersburg
    • 7. Penza
    • 6. Kemerovo
    • 5. Yaroslavl
    • 4. Naberezhnye Chelny
    • 3. Orenburg
    • 2. Kazan
    • 1. Tyumen

10. Tomsk

The level of life in the city is satisfied with 88% of respondents. Tomsk is known as the oldest scientific, educational, and innovative center in Siberia. The city has a rich cultural heritage - there are many monuments of wooden architecture and stone architecture of the 16-19 centuries.

9. Voronezh

89% of respondents are happy with their life in Voronezh. The city has a rich history and is located on the territory with a temperate climate, typical for the central part of Russia. Voronezh is a major center of the food, chemical and radio-electronic industry.

8. St. Petersburg

90% of St. Petersburg are satisfied with their city. The northern capital is the largest cultural center of the country, besides in the city industrial production is developed, there are excellent opportunities for education, high quality of health services.

7. Penza

Among the regional and regional centers of Penza - a relatively small city with a population of just over 520 thousand people. The city is characterized by a temperate continental climate, developed education system, health care, in Penza there are many museums, sports facilities.91% of Penza residents are satisfied with the standard of living.

6. Kemerovo

The city is an important center of the coal industry, as well as a high level of social and health services, 11 higher education institutions, theaters, museums, scientific centers.92% of Kemerovo residents are happy with the level of life in the city.

5. Yaroslavl

93% of residents are happy with the city life. Yaroslavl is a major transport hub. The city is one of the oldest in our country, which makes it attractive for tourists. The historical center of Yaroslavl is included in the UNESCO World Heritage

4. Naberezhnye Chelny

The second largest city of Tatarstan is a large industrial center famous for such enterprises as KAMAZ, Sollers, Kama Tractor Plant. In the city there are 7 universities, theaters, museums, medical centers.93% of respondents are satisfied with life in the city.

3. Orenburg

Of the respondents in the South Urals city, 94% are happy with life. Orenburg is an important center of the gas industry, machine building, chemical industry.94% of residents are satisfied with their standard of living.

2. Kazan

The level of life in the city is satisfied with 96% of the residents of the capital of Tatarstan. Kazan is a major economic, scientific, educational, cultural center. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, the city often hosts international sports competitions - the World Fencing Championship, the World Universiade and the European Weightlifting Championships. In 2017, Kazan topped the rating of Russian cities in terms of quality of life.

1. Tyumen

Tyumen is in the lead for the third year in a row. Life in the city is satisfied with 98% of respondents. The city is a large industrial and transport center. The concentration of enterprises of the oil and gas industry in the city led to the development of scientific research institutes and specialized educational institutions. In Tyumen, high incomes, developed health care, education, many sports facilities.