List of the best youth comedies of all time( 18+)

Popular youth comedies are good for any occasion - both for the evening in the company of friends, and for entertainment on the day off, if you just want to lie in front of the TV.

Today we present the Top-10, which includes the best youth comedy 18+ , the list of all times includes not only novelties, but also the funniest films of the past. The top ten included American and European films.


  • 10. Ants in pants
  • 9. 21 or more
  • 8. Very bad teacher
  • 7. Bachelor 2: from Vegas to Bangkok
  • 6. Pipe 2
  • 5. Type of cops
  • 4. Kingsman: The secret service of
  • 3Unsatisfied sexual tension
  • 2. Project X: The
  • was broken 1. The macho and the botanist

10. The ants in the pants

When the young comedies are selected, the list can not help but be replenished with films devoted to sex."Ants in pants" is the story of a German shy teenager, who will fundamentally change the wretched existence of a virgin.

9. 21 or more

A good comedy tells the life of an American guy who celebrates his twenty-first birthday in the company of "crazy" best friends. A stormy party grows into an exciting adventure.

8. Very bad teacher

The main character is not a simple teacher, she goes to work as a party, and her cherished dream is to increase her bust. And then there is a new teacher in school, from whom it's no wonder to lose your head completely.

7. Hangover 2: from Vegas to Bangkok

A new story about the adventures of the four best friends. This time the whole already familiar company goes to Stu's wedding in Thailand. Naturally, all plans for a quiet and beautiful triumph do not sell. But dizzy adventures are provided.

6. Pipec 2

The parody of superhero films offers a heart-to-heartly laugh at the adventures that hit Ubivashka, Pipets and the new hero Colonel America. Together, the charismatic company defeats all enemies.

5. Types of cops

The best youth comedies are not always devoted exclusively to sex. The criminal comedy of 2014 tells of two careless friends who come to a costume party, dressed up as cops. Suddenly, the guys are entangled in a very real criminal story.

4. Kingsman: The Secret Service of

A comic thriller tells about a guy who has an incredibly high level of intelligence and experience of service in the Marine Corps. Accepting the offer of a new friend to join the ranks of a top-secret organization, the main character faces the most unexpected tests. The premiere of Kingsman in Russia took place in February 2015.

3. Unsatisfied sexual tension

Like many other youth comedies 18+, this film is devoted to the intricacies of sexual life. This time in the role of the main characters - sultry Spanish beauties and beauties.

2. Project X: Dorvaly

Three high school students dream of glory. And to attract attention, they arrange the best party of all time. The scale of the event unexpectedly surpasses all expectations, the entire city is on the list of invitees and, at the same time, with the spoiled reputation, teenagers receive coveted popularity.

1. The macho and the botanian

The headed the rating of youth comedies of all time, a film about the adventures of two policemen who studied together and naturally began to work in pairs. Mates are not similar to each other, which does not prevent them from performing brilliantly in a duet.