Top-7 largest underground bunkers in the world

When, unexpectedly in the first half of the 20th century, mankind made a huge leap in the arms race, the powerful of this world thought about self-preservation. And so one after another began to appear reliable underground bunkers, designed to keep people unscathed in the event of nuclear bombing.

Of course, not all bunkers are declassified, for sure, there are many secret shelters on the planet that only the elite know about. But there are also those who are open to visiting. They are included in today's collection - Top-7 of the world's largest underground bunkers from declassified.


  • 7. Project 816( China, Chongqing)
  • 6. Bunker No. 42( Russia, Moscow)
  • 5. Object 825 GTS( Ukraine, Balaklava)
  • 4. Greenbrier( USA, West Virginia)
  • 3. Hack Green(England, Cheshire)
  • 2. Fort Eben-Emael( Belgium, Liège)
  • 1. Stalin's bunker( Russia, Samara)

7. Project 816( China, Chongqing)

A huge bunker was built in 1967 in the body of Mount Shenshan. The total length of the underground facilities received is 21 km, the bunker premises are located on 9 levels. In the bunker, you can save yourself from an 8-9 magnitude earthquake, as well as a close rupture of a nuclear warhead with a capacity of up to 1 mt.

It was planned to place a weapons factory in the bunker, however, it was completed only by 60%.In 2002, the "project 816" was declassified, and in 2010 - open to tourists.

6. Bunker №42( Russia, Moscow)

The entrance to this bunker is in the very center of the capital - a few minutes from the metro station "Taganskaya-Koltsevaya".At a depth of 60 meters there are 4 tunnels connected by transitions. The bunker built in 1956 was intended for command of aviation in the event of an American nuclear strike.

The bunker could spend 90 days without problems with air, food and water. Since 2006, the "Taganskiy" command center has been operating the Cold War Museum.

5. Object 825 GTS( Ukraine, Balaklava)

The facility was built as a plant for submarines in 1957-1961.The submarines hit the dock on a 600-meter tunnel pierced by a rock.

Simultaneously, the bunker served as a safe haven capable of withstanding an atomic explosion at a power six times higher than Hiroshima. Within a month, 3,000 people could be hiding here.

4. Greenbrier( USA, West Virginia)

The bunker was secretly erected in 1958 to evacuate the Congress in the event of a Soviet nuclear strike. A huge bunker with an area of ​​10500 sq. M.meters placed under the popular hotel Greenbrier. For 30 years, the disguised US Secret Service staff kept the shelter ready.

Since 1992, the bunker is open to tourists.

3. Hack Green( England, Cheshire)

The bunker was built on the site of an old radar station in the 1960s. In the shelter there is an extensive communication system, water reserves and even own power plant.

In 1998, the Cold War Museum was founded in the bunker.

2. Fort Eben-Emael( Belgium, Liège)

This fort was erected in 1933-1935 on the territory of 75 hectares. And right under it at a depth of 60 meters is a huge bunker, designed to save 1,200 people.

The bunker has barracks, showers, kitchens, dining rooms and even a hairdresser.

1. Stalin bunker( Russia, Samara)

The bunker was built at a depth of 37 m under the building of the Samara Academy of Culture and Art. The asylum was declassified in 1990.

You can go down to the bunker of Stalin on an elevator or on a ladder. Here, up to 600 people could escape from a nuclear attack. And many rooms are furnished with the maximum comfort for those years.

Now in the bunker a museum is opened, in which an exposition dedicated to the USSR and the Great Patriotic War is deployed.