Top 5 best board games of 2015

Astrologers predict Russians 2015 - the year of home entertainment. In part, these forecasts are supported by the unstable exchange rate. The best way to relax is to develop a board game for the family and the company. Today we will tell you about 5 similar entertainments that will brighten up your leisure time.


  • 5. Cluedo
  • 4. What would have happened if
  • 3. Agricola
  • 2. Isla Dorada
  • 1. Machi Koro

5. Kluedo

The Cloedo board game will immerse you in the world of the detective. The plot of the best British entertainment, which Shakespeare has been playing for 55 years, is that a British aristocrat is dying. Suspects - six, guns as much. The name of the murderer and the instrument of the crime is written on the map, which is chosen blindly by the presenter of the game.

In the course of the play, new details of the case are revealed. The script is different each time, the combinations beat the boundaries of fantasy. .. The winner is the one who will name the killer. And this will happen only with a careful analysis of the evidence found in the mansion of the deceased.

"Kluedo" praises the modern Sherlock in the eponymous television series. Based on her motives, the best feature film "Ulica" was shot with three different endings.

Tip: Before you buy, play the similar game "Riddle of Einstein".

4. What would happen if

In the table game "What would happen if" four players build a biography of their character with cards and dice. The creators captured life situations and memories on them. Often they are fantastic, and when you try to count their combinations, the brain melts.

As a character decides the game year, solve cubes with images of life values ​​- from health to love. How many points will fall on the die, and a year will pass.

The English name of fun is "CV( curriculum vitae)".It will teach participants to calmly take both successes and failures. And the biographies of characters, which are obtained as a result of fun, ask for a movie screen. Play, live a virtual life and get an Oscar!

3. Agricola

"Agricola" - the best desktop simulator of village life. The goal of the game is to bring your economy to the highest level of civilization. Each participant chooses an occupation to their liking. There is more to do, because the players have a farm, a pond, fields, farm buildings. The main thing is not to forget to feed a gluttonous family, otherwise it will declare a strike.

Fun would be boring without rivalry. Therefore, your clan will have to fight with the opposing team, which has similar tasks. And they put you in the wheel. The winner is the one who will be able to stand and achieve success in the field.

This good game is comprehensively useful. In the process, players learn the subtleties of farm labor, as well as the cause-and-effect relationships of the mistakes made. For example, a family that does not have time to raise livestock or harvest in the summer, in winter, imposes the brand of beggars to the end of the game.

2. Isla Dorada

"Isla Dorada" will offer you the role of a traveler, a victim of a crash near an island where airships and dragons fly, a monkey with caterpillars will take you through the forest and amazing things happen. Find the treasure will not be all.

The direction of fellow travelers is one, it is chosen by the one who made the maximum transport rate. The speed of the route is influenced by secret artifacts, special maps and surprises on the track. The chance to win is a player who managed to weave intrigues and show cunning.

Though in Isla Dorada success is led by his majesty the Case, entertainment serves as a mathematical model for constructing the optimal path between the vertices of the graph. And the followers of Machiavelli will show their best.

1. Machi Koro

Completes our review of best board game - "Machi Koro" , which is a battle of Japanese cities. Each participant builds an urban area with enterprises and infrastructure. The latest addition, which was included in the Russian release, strengthens the competition and the operation of enterprises in one industry.

At the same time, you should balance the economy of your city. The more diverse its industry and infrastructure, the more likely that the metropolis will thrive. In addition, there is a chance to lure the residents of depressed areas nearby, which will increase the budget.

From the classic "Monopoly", this desktop fun is different in that here players are forging their own happiness, rather than waiting for a gift from an opponent. And the aesthetics and accuracy of the Japanese cause a desire to spend a vacation in the cardboard world.