Top 5 dietary dishes from cottage cheese

There is no doubt that cottage cheese should be present in everyone's diet. This product is rich in calcium and beneficial trace elements, in addition, it includes an easily digestible protein, which improves metabolism and helps fight excess weight. Cottage cheese is the ideal dietary product for a person, especially it is useful for children, pregnant and nursing mothers.

Of course, cottage cheese in its usual form can get bored, but you can always diversify your meals with dishes that will have cottage cheese in their composition.


  • Rating of dietary dishes from cottage cheese
    • 1. Curd casserole
    • 2. Vegetable salad with curd
    • 3. Smoothies
    • 4. Lazy vareniki
    • 5. Cheesy

Rating of dietary dishes from cottage cheese

1. Cottage cheese casserole

Perhaps one of the most popular dishes. It is familiar from childhood and we know a lot of its recipes. Each housewife makes a casserole in her own way, adding different ingredients. Pay attention to the amount of sugar in the preparation, it is better to add sweets with the help of dried fruits. You can also completely abandon flour or manga, then your dish will be most beneficial to the body and will not hurt the figure.

2. Vegetable salad with cottage cheese

Curd is perfectly combined with vegetables and greens, so it can be an excellent addition to a salad. Such a salad will perfectly satisfy hunger, provide the body with everything necessary and improve digestion.

3. Smoothies

This is a great idea for a full breakfast. Cooking smoothies is very simple, you just need to mix in the blender cottage cheese and your favorite fruit, just in the mixture you can add a little fruit juice or milk.

4. Lazy Vareniki

The dish is not only delicious, but also very satisfying. These vareniki are very fond of children, and in addition, cook them very simply.

5. Cheesy

It is best to cook them in the oven, and not fry in a pan. Then they will be lean, and therefore more useful. When preparing, too, it is worth noting a lot of sugar and flour. Be sure to add raisins or dried apricots to the syrup.

All these dishes are prepared simply and quickly, in addition, the cost of products is quite acceptable. Diversify your family's diet with useful foods.