Rating of Russian celebrities 2013

The edition of Forbes has published the next rating of celebrities, this time Russian. When compiling the rating, the following indicators were taken into account: income from creative or sports activities, number of mentions in the paper media and the number of requests for Yandex.

We bring to your attention the first ten rating of Russian celebrities 2013 .


  • 10. Andrei Arshavin
  • 9. Natalya Vodyanova
  • 8. Nikolay Baskov
  • 7. Ksenia Sobchak
  • 6. Stas Mikhailov
  • 5. Alexander Ovechkin
  • 4. Philip Kirkorov
  • 3. Valery Gergiev
  • 2. Grigory Leps
  • 1Maria Sharapova

10. Andrei Arshavin

The income of the famous football player for the last 12 months was $ 6.4 million. According to the search engine "Yandex" Arshavin was looking for more than 1.3 million times. In addition to sports, Andrei has been paying attention to business for a long time - he is a co-owner of several St. Petersburg companies selling cars and food.

9. Natalia Vodyanova

One of the most popular top models of our time for the year earned $ 8.6 million. In Yandex for the year, Natalia was searched 348 thousand times. Vodianova is the head of the Naked Heart Foundation, which assists sick children and helps in the construction of children's playgrounds throughout Russia.

8. Nikolay Baskov

Despite the fact that many Basques cause extremely irritation, in Yandex for the year his name is more than 1.3 million times. The artist's revenues exceeded $ 8.9 million in 12 months. Basque is a People's Artist of Chechnya, Ukraine, Russia, Ingushetia and Moldova.

7. Ksenia Sobchak

The socialite, TV presenter and writer Ksenia Sobchak earned about $ 1.4 million a year. In Yandex, it is devoted to more than 4 million requests for 12 months. In addition to earning income from participating in TV shows and selling books, Ksenia successfully earns in the restaurant business.

6. Stas Mikhailov

The honored artist of Russia earned $ 9.8 million for the year, in the search engine Yandex Mikhailov searched 5 million times. In 2013, the loudest event associated with the singer, was a trial. Mikhailov filed a lawsuit claiming that the hero of the comedy "Dubler" was written off from him with the attachment of abusive behavior, but the lawsuit was rejected by the court.

5. Alexander Ovechkin

The famous hockey player earned $ 16.8 million for the year. In Yandex, Ovechkin was searched 336 thousand times. About 6 million people are subscribers of Alexander's page on Twitter. Ovechkin is the most popular hockey player in advertising, he has contracts with Procter &Gamble, Verizon, Nike, Coca-Cola.

4. Philip Kirkorov

Surprisingly, Kirkorov regularly enters the ratings of the main Russian celebrities. For a year, the singer's earnings amounted to $ 9.7 million, and in Yandex his name was searched 3.9 million times. Kirkorov is a People's Artist of Ingushetia, Russia, Chechnya and Ukraine.

3. Valery Gergiev

The famous conductor for the year earned $ 16.5 million. Despite the most modest number of search requests( 84 thousand), Gergiev confidently ranks among the top three leaders of the celebrity rating. In addition to creative activity, the conductor's profits bring 15% of the shares of Eurodon, one of the largest producers of turkey meat.

2. Grigory Leps

The non-losing performer for 12 months earned $ 15 million, and the number of search queries in Yandex, containing the singer's name, exceeded 6.5 million. By the way, the real name of Leps is Lepseridze. For one concert the performer receives up to $ 500 thousand.

1. Maria Sharapova

For 12 months, Maria earned $ 29 million, and in Yandex, Sharapova was searched 768 thousand times. By the way, the famous tennis player is the youngest among the celebrity rating participants, she is only 26 years old. However, by this age, according to analysts, Masha has already earned more than $ 210 million.