Top 10 most stylish actors of 2012

About whom gossip does not stop? The smallest details of whose appearance fans are ready to discuss for hours? Who is the fashion trendsetter among the masses? These are not modelers at all, although it's also difficult to do without them, they are famous and beloved by many actors of films and serials. It is they who broadcast to us from the screens of cinemas and TVs, in the end bring their own style to all world ratings and tops. Since the stars are constantly in public view, the style of their clothes can not be unnoticed. It is for those who are not indifferent to the appearance of celebrities, and the is designed for top-10 of the most stylish actors of the year 2012 .

Rating was published in one of the most authoritative men's magazines, presenting the most stylish celebrity guys, whose age does not exceed 30 years, to the public.


  • 10. Ed Westwick.
  • 9. Justin Bieber.
  • 8. Andrew Garfield.
  • 7. Donald Glover.
  • 6.Nik Jonas
  • 5. Armi Hammer
  • 4. Joe Jonas
  • 3. The top three of the leaders are the 29-year-old Jack Houston
  • 2. In second place is Daniel Radcliffe.
  • 1. Darren Criss.10. Ed Westwick.

    British actor and musician 24 years old, and he is known primarily because of the role of Chuck Bass, which Ed performed in the famous television series "Gossip Girl".

    9. Justin Bieber.

    The ninth place is firmly held by the eighteen-year-old Canadian singer and actor. Recall that he was known for his debut single entitled "One Time", which was released in 2009.

    8. Andrew Garfield.

    In the eighth place among the top-10 most stylish actors of 2012. This actor from the UK is 28 years old, and the world fame came to the guy thanks to the picture "Social Network" in 2010, in which he performed the role of Eduardo Saverin.

    7. Donald Glover.

    Seventh place in the ranking. This American scriptwriter, producer, composer and actor will be known to Russian citizens in the film "Muppet" in 2011 and the TV series "Community".

    6.Nik Jonas

    is a popular American singer, composer and actor. Nick is 19 years old and he is one of the members of the band called Jonas Brothers.

    5. Armi Hammer

    - holds the fifth place among the most stylish actors. The American actor is 25 years old, and the most famous of his roles is the role of twins Tyler and Cameron Winklswes in the well-known movie "Social Network", released in 2010.

    4. Joe Jonas

    is a 22-year-old American musician, singer, dancer and actor. Joe is the second in this list who belongs to the Jonas Brothers.

    3. The top three of the leaders are the 29-year-old Jack Houston

    - British actor, who became famous after the third episode of the famous saga, the picture "Twilight. Saga. Eclipse "in 2010.

    2. In the second place, Daniel Radcliffe.

    - who is so eager to get rid of the magician who is pursuing his halo and is looking for himself in a new genre - this time dramatic.22-year-old actor who played the young magician Harry Potter in a series of incredibly popular films.

    1. Darren Criss.

    In the first place in this ranking, which brought together the most stylish representatives of show business in the age group under 30, another Harry Potter. True, this time we are talking about Darren Criss - the 25-year-old actor, who suddenly turned into a recognizable face for himself after performing the role of a young wizard in several musicals of the same name. Not less part of attention was given to Darren and the series of the floor named "Choir", in which he played the role of student Blaine Anderson, who was an open gay.

    Perhaps the rating of GQ magazine turned out to be somewhat unexpected for the fans of the cinema, since the first places were shared by Harry Potter, but the favorite of many girls of the world Justin Bieber was this time in the ninth place.