The most famous complete photo models

More often world podiums and covers of fashion magazines conquer models of size plus size - girls with magnificent forms. To become such a model, you must have a size not less than 46th and not more than 54th. Naturally, the appearance, growth and proportions of the figure must meet the standard parameters.

Today's Top-10 includes the most famous full model .


  • 10. Whitney Thompson
  • 9. Chloe Marshall
  • 8. Kate Zharkova
  • 7. Kate Dillon
  • 6. Ashley Graham
  • 5. Crystal Rennes
  • 4. Mia Tyler
  • 3. Robin Lovely
  • 2. Candice Huffin
  • 1Tara Linn

10. Whitney Thompson

Despite the 46th size of clothing, Whitney won one of the seasons of the television show "America's Next Top Model".Thompson received contracts with Converse, CoverGirl, Saks Fifth Avenue and other brands.

9. Chloe Marshall

Back in 2008, the girl decided to participate in the British beauty contest. And she went around many slender rivals, having won the honorary title "Miss Surrey".Chloe is a real idol for thousands of UK residents. After all, she proves daily that she does not have to be skinny to look attractive.

8. Katya Zharkova

In Russia, complete models are just starting to gain popularity. Zharkov - one of the first Russian models plus size. Katya not only poses for advertising and paces on the podium, but also acts as a producer and TV presenter.

7. Kate Dillon

In pursuit of harmony, the girl went through anorexia and painful treatment. Now the optimal weight for Dillon is 72 kg. She collaborates with Gucci and appears on the pages of Vogue, which she could not afford, being a standard model of the 40th size.

6. Ashley Graham

Girl in the modeling business with 12 years. Maximum fame came to Ashley after filming in advertising underwear. The video turned out so sexy that it was banned on television, collecting millions of views on the Internet.

5. Crystal Rennes

At the dawn of her career, the girl lost weight to 49 kg - almost twice the current weight. However, the painful struggle with self did not bring her fame. But returning to the 50th size of clothing, Rennes suddenly became unusually popular. Now she again tries to return to a small weight, but among the standard models is no longer distinguished by such a vivid personality.

4. Mia Tyler

Sister Liv Tyler is very similar to her famous relative, only with a difference in several sizes. Mia not only acts as a model of the category plus size, but also produces a clothing line for complete.

3. Robin Lovely

Robin has 50th clothing size. In the portfolio work models for Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan and other publications. In his 26 Robin does not plan to finish his career, proving to the whole world that the curvy forms are beautiful.

2. Candice Huffin

Career model for Candice kicked off in 2010.Together with Robin Lovley and Tara Lynn, the girl appeared on the revolutionary cover of Vogue in 2011.Today, Huffin is actively withdrawn for glossy publications, and also participates in the shows.

1. Tara Linn

Tara is proud of the 50th clothing size, and her photographs adorn the covers of such publications as Elle, Vogue, CR Fashion Book. Tara signed a contract with the largest and most prestigious modeling agency in the world - IMG.