Rating of the most influential companies of the Russian advertising market

Advertising can be perceived in different ways. For some, it is the engine of commerce, for others - a kind of art, for the third - importunate interference in television. Well, for the heroes of our current rating, advertising is the main activity and the source of considerable revenue.

The portal AllAdvertising.ru has published the rating of the most influential companies of the advertising market of Russia , in which one hundred of the best have got. We offer to your attention Top-10 most important domestic advertisers.


  • 10. "Progression"
  • 9. RNTI Media Group
  • 8. "Ingate"
  • 7. TWIGA
  • 6. "Media Arts"
  • 5. ROUEN
  • 4. "Gallery"
  • 3. "Trend Video International"
  • 2. "Alcazar"
  • 1. "Russ Outdoor"

10. "Progression"

is an advertising agency founded in 2001.Among the services is the development and implementation of advertising campaigns, product promotion, marketing. Among the clients of Schwarzkopf, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Sberbank, MasterCard, Russian Standard, Nivea, Pringles and others.

9. RNTI Media Group

- the largest player in the advertising market among regional companies. All the other members of our ten are "based" in Moscow and St. Petersburg, RNTI also has a headquarters in Kirov. The holding company includes 38 companies in 13 cities of Russia.

8. "Ingate"

specializes in search advertising at the level of premium, advertising campaigns on the Internet, as well as supporting brands in the field of Internet marketing. The company has been operating on the market since 2000.Among the clients of the agency: Peugeot, ROSNO, Coca-Cola, Nestle, Gazprombank, Troika Dialog, M.Video, L'Oreal, Sportmaster, Philips and others.


is an independent communications group that offers a full range of services on the market for the creation of advertising, product promotion, design, PR and marketing. The company has its history since 1993.Today MTS, Levi's, Kia, Campomos, Novartis, Hansa, Renault, ROSNO, Rostik's and many others are among TWIGA's customers.

6. Media Arts

is a strategic partner of the international communication group Interpublic. The group "Media Arts" includes 15 companies, including advertising, branding and design agency. Among the customers of Leo Burnett, McCann Erickson, Ogilvy, TBWA and others.


has been operating on the market since 1996.The company provides a full range of services for the development and placement of outdoor advertising. The company's billboards are installed along all major federal highways of Russia.

4. "Gallery"

has been working for 18 years in the market of Russia and Ukraine. In the field of outdoor advertising, the company offers customers more than 30 types of media. The company accounts for 10% of the Moscow outdoor advertising market. Among the clients of Gallery are such companies as M.Video, Metro Cash & Carry, Citibank, Mirax, Sberbank and others.

3. "Trend Video International"

specializes in the development and placement of TV and radio advertising. Among the clients are the largest domestic TV channels and radio stations: Channel One, 2x2, STS, Russia, Fifth Channel, Radio of Russia, Radio Mayak and others.

2. "Alcazar"

offers advertising on NTV, 3 channel, TNT, TV Center, MIR, cable channels Red Media. The company was the first TV commercial in Russia to sell video traffic on the Internet, signing an agreement with RuTube.

1. Russ Outdoor

is the largest domestic operator in the field of outdoor advertising. Among the formats offered by the company, billboards, outdoor furniture, ultra-large format, carriers at airports and supermarkets. Russ Outdoor has been on the market since 1995.Among the clients of Avon, Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, L'Oreal, LG Electronics, Volkswagen, Beeline, MTS, Sberbank, Davidoff, Nivea, Reebok, TNT channel, Nokia, BMW, Dove, Kommersant and many other companies.