The most expensive Internet companies in Russia in 2015

The untwisted resources of the Internet bring their owners fabulous states. And deals on the sale of large sites attract the attention of the business community.

Today in our collection the most expensive Internet companies of Russia 2015 are presented. Ten is made according to the edition of Forbes.


  • 10. "Platform"( revenue per employee - 8 million rubles.)
  • 9. ""( 18.2 million rubles.)
  • 8. Exist( not available)
  • 7.Wildberries( 3.6 million rubles)
  • 6. Ozon Holdings( 12.2 million rubles)
  • 5. Avito( 18.7 million rubles)
  • 4. Citylink( 12.8 million rubles)
  • 3Yulmart( 9.7 million rubles)
  • 2. Group( 10.8 million rubles)
  • 1. Yandex( 8.5 million rubles)

10. Platform per employee - 8 million rubles.)

In July 2014, the merger of the best selling laptops "Youtinet", a mobile equipment vendorSotmarket ", as well as an online store of equipment.

9. ""( 18.2 million rubles.)

In 1999, the seller of refrigerators Graduated MAI Valery Kovalev for $ 5,000 bought the domain and invested $ 20,000 in the creation of the site. Today visits over 2 million customers.

8. Exist( data not available)

The history of the site for the sale of auto parts and accessories began in 1999.Today, Exist cooperates with more than a thousand partner companies supplying auto parts. In 2009 the company opened a new direction - "Exist-Service".

7. Wildberries( 3.6 million rubles)

Former tutor Tatiana Bakalchuk began to engage in Internet commerce after the birth of her daughter. Today Tatyana has three children and the largest online clothing store in Russia. The call center Wildberries employs about 500 operators.

6. Ozon Holdings( 12.2 million rubles)

The holding company includes the sites,,,, In April 2014, AFK Sistema and MTS acquired 10.8% of the company's shares. Now in the popular salons of communication the points of issue of Ozon have been opened.

5. Avito( 18.7 million rubles.)

The company owns the best website for free ads in Russia, which makes it possible to earn good money on advertising. And since 2013, when the structure of Avito included Slando and OLX, the competition has become even smaller.

4. Citylink( 12.8 million rubles)

The company is a retail project of the largest Russian distributor of computer equipment Merlion. Therefore, "Citylink" without much difficulty retains its reputation as a discounter.

3. Yulmart( 9.7 million rubles)

In October 2014, the largest online retailer opened a service for booking the best hotels in Turkey and Egypt, And in 2016 the company plans to place an IPO.Yulmart has 400 mini-stores in 200 cities and 32 larger orders centers.

2. Group( 10.8 million rubles.)

The group includes such untwisted projects as, as well as and To date, the company is the sole owner of the top three most popular social networking sites in Russia. Ambitious goals include the conquest of the American market, to which launched three games under the brand.

1. "Yandex"( 8.5 million rubles.)

The largest Russian search engine is actively entering the international arena. In Turkey, Yandex won 5% of the search market from Google. For the year, the company's revenue increased by 38%.At the end of last year, the launch of a new Yandex Data Factory project for processing large amounts of data was announced.