Top 5 ancient cities of the planet

There are cities on our planet that are considered very ancient. They have many historical monuments that have stood the test of time. They are the real pride of our days, not only from the point of view of their prescription, but also the architectural ensemble. Not a single visitor will not leave these places indifferent!


  • 5. Beirut
    • 4. Jerusalem
    • 3. Susi
    • 2. Byblos
    • 1. Plovdiv( Trazian)

5. Beirut

First we go to Beirut, the cultural center of Lebanon. The city is more than five thousand years old. And the first settlements date back to the 3rd millennium before the birth of Christ. During the excavations it was possible to discover various settlements: the Ottomans, Arabs, Phoenicians and Romans lived on these lands. After the end of the civil Lebanese war, the city began to be considered a tourist center.

4. Jerusalem

Visitors of holy Jerusalem await spiritual enlightenment and purification. It is not for nothing that they consider him to be the spiritual center of the Israelis. This is one of the three holy cities of the Muslim people( after Mecca and Medina).Around three millennia was founded by the first settlers. Each tourist is obliged to visit the Kotel, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and mosques called al-Aqsa and the Dome of the Rock. During the entire existence of Jerusalem, the aliens committed fifty-two attacks, the oldest city suffered forty-four seizures and was siege twenty-three times. Two events are also mentioned in history, as a result of which this shrine could be completely destroyed.

3. Susi

Susa, once a stately capital of the Elamite state, captured by the Assyrians, is located on the Iranian lands. One of the oldest cities in the world. In Susa, there were frequent theatrical performances. Today, on these lands, a city called Shush, with about seventy thousand inhabitants, was founded.

2. Byblos

Those who are fortunate enough to visit Byblos should definitely admire the church of St. John the Baptist, built in the twelfth century. This ancient city is located in Libya. It was founded by the Phoenicians, the settlements of which arose in the 5th century before the birth of Christ. Initially he was Hebal and supplied the papyrus of the Greeks, who later came up with a new name for him. By the way, the Holy Scripture( known to all as the word "Bible") has roots from here. There are countless sights here: the architectural palette is represented by old Phoenician cathedrals, the historic Byblos Castle and a wall built in the Middle Ages.

1. Plovdiv( Trazian)

Plovdiv, formerly known as Trazian and now located in Bulgaria, also lures travelers with its history. Here was the largest and most important center of the Romans. Before joining this territory to Bulgaria, Plovdiv was part of Byzantium, and then - of the Ottoman Empire. Today in the ancient city there are many untouched ruins. The most famous of them are represented by the Roman amphitheater and aqueduct. The so-called Ottoman baths are very popular.